IELTS writing vocabulary for 9 band

IELTS writing vocabulary for 9 band
IELTS writing vocabulary for 9 band
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• Mitigate: Reduce the severity of something, such as environmental damage.
• Conserve: Protect and preserve natural resources.
• Alleviate: Make a problem or burden less severe.
• Ecological: Relating to the environment and its relationship with organisms.
• Detrimental: Harmful or damaging.
• Degrade: Cause a decline in the quality or condition of something.

1. Mitigate:
Governments must implement policies to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources.
2. Conserve:
Individuals can contribute to environmental conservation efforts by reducing their consumption of single-use plastics and adopting eco-friendly lifestyles.
3. Alleviate:
Investment in renewable energy infrastructure can alleviate dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of climate change.
Ecological conservation efforts aim to restore the balance between human activities and the natural environment, preserving ecosystems for future generations.
5. Detrimental:
The widespread use of pesticides in agriculture has had detrimental effects on soil health and biodiversity, necessitating the adoption of organic farming practices.
6. Degrade:
Industrial pollution continues to degrade water quality in rivers and lakes, threatening aquatic ecosystems and human health.

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