IELTS Speaking 2024 jumbo cue card

Jumbo cue card
Jumbo cue card
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Describe a memorable holiday you have had.
1. Describe a holiday you have had.
2. Talk about a family outing you enjoyed.
3. Describe a time you spent in nature.
4. Describe a memorable experience in your life.
5. Describe an outdoor activity you enjoy.
6. Describe a time you disconnected from technology.
7. Describe a place you visited that had a beautiful scenery.
8. Describe a time you witnessed something extraordinary.
9. Describe a camping trip you went on.
10. Describe a time you spent quality time with your family.

Vocab and Idioms
1. Recall
2. Picturesque
3. Starlit sky
4. Ample
5. Breathtaking
6. Feast for the eyes
7. Engage
8. Spectacular sight

Well, I have a particularly memorable experience that I often recall about. It was a family outing to a picturesque mountainous region during the holiday season.

Our family decided to embark on a camping trip to immerse ourselves in nature’s beauty and bond as a family. We packed our tents, hiking gear, and ample provisions for the journey ahead.
Upon reaching the campsite, we were greeted by breathtaking scenery – lush green valleys, pine trees, and crystal-clear streams. It was truly a feast for the eyes.
During our time in nature, we engaged in various outdoor activities, such as hiking along scenic trails, swimming in natural pools, and even setting up a campfire to roast marshmallows under the starlit sky. It felt like a scene straight out of a storybook.
One particular evening, as we sat around the campfire sharing stories and laughter, we were treated to a spectacular sight (impressive). A shooting star streaked across the sky, leaving a trail of shimmering light behind it. It was a moment of amazement and wonder, and we all felt incredibly fortunate to witness such a rare phenomenon.

As we huddled (gathered) together under the blanket of stars, disconnected from the distractions of technology, we realized the true essence of quality time spent with loved ones. It was a time of bonding, laughter, and creating lasting memories that we would cherish for years to come.

Overall, that camping trip was not just a holiday or a family outing; it was a soul-nourishing experience that brought us closer together and reminded us of the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

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