IELTS Writing 7 band essay

ielts writing 7 band
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Some people believe that it is a good idea that older people continue to work if it is possible for them to do. Do you agree or disagree?

Having a job is a crucial means of meeting basic needs for everyone. Many people believe that if older individuals can work, it’s a good idea. I wholeheartedly agree with this perspective, and I will elaborate on my reasons in the following paragraphs.

The first and foremost is, they can live healthy lifestyle. To explain it, there are large number of old individuals who are not physically fit , in other words, they are victim of health related diseases . By working in their later years and incorporating regular exercise, they can protect themselves from severe ailments such as obesity, heart problems, and asthma. Various job sectors require physical exertion, which promotes their overall well-being. Additionally, continued employment allows them to enhance their experience and knowledge. In Australia, a significant number of senior individuals work not only to stay physically fit but also to expand their expertise, making it a valuable pursuit.

Another critical reason for older individuals to work is their ability to meet fundamental needs. Many younger individuals today have demanding responsibilities and busy schedules, making it challenging to financially support their aging parents. This can leave older individuals financially strained. Moreover, work provides them with the opportunity for social interaction and companionship, which effectively combats feelings of depression during their leisure time. In Europe, older individuals prioritize spending quality time with colleagues at work as a means of alleviating stress and loneliness. Thus, working in their later years proves to be a fruitful strategy for reducing stress and enhancing their overall quality of life.

In conclusion, I reiterate that it is highly beneficial for older individuals to continue working as it aids in disease prevention and enables them to maintain their financial stability.

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