Describe a picture of you that you like (May to Aug 2024)

Describe a picture of you that you like

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Where it was
When it was
Who took
And explain how you felt about it

1. Capture
2. Indeed
3. Preserve
4. Photogenic
5. Abundance
6. Delightful
7.On cloud nine
8. Myriad
9. over the moon

Capturing photographs is indeed a wonderful way to preserve cherished moments, and as a photogenic individual, I tend to click an abundance of pictures, not just of myself, but also with my loved ones. However, one particular photograph holds a special fascination for me – a picture from my farewell party.
I vividly remember when I was at the end of my 10th class, my school organized a farewell party in which all the students decided to wear different kinds of dresses. Like many others, I found myself in a state of confusion. Finally, I made up my mind to wear a traditional dress, which is in my favourite colour, red. It was a really delightful moment for me as it was the first time when I had carried such a kind of dress.
As the day arrived, I wore that beautiful dress, went to my school, and received compliments from all my friends and teachers, which made me feel like I was on cloud nine. Although I clicked myriad of pictures, randomly my teacher clicked a beautiful picture of mine when I was awarded by my principal for my behaviour during the school period.
After that, when I saw that picture I was surprised because it was an eye-catching picture. I thank my teacher for that memorable picture which always reminds me of the precious time of my life. Now I hang this picture in the dining area of my home. Whenever any visitor comes to my home, they all appreciate the pictures and praise my beauty. At last, whenever I see this picture, I feel like over the moon.

1. Why do people take photos?
There are many reasons why people click pictures, such as; to capture and preserve memories, document important events, express creativity, and share experiences with others. Photos serve as visual reminders of cherished moments, allowing people to relive them whenever they view them.
2. What do people use to take photos these days, cameras or phones?

These days, most people use their smartphones to take photos rather than traditional cameras. Smartphones offer convenience, portability, and increasingly high-quality cameras, making them the preferred choice for capturing everyday moments. Additionally, smartphones allow for instant sharing of photos through social media platforms.
3. Is it difficult for people to learn how to take good photos?
In my opinion, learning to take good photos can be challenging for some people, but it’s not necessarily difficult for everyone. With the advancements in technology and the widespread availability of resources such as online tutorials, courses, and photography apps, many individuals can improve their photography skills relatively easily. However, mastering the art of photography does require practice, patience, and a willingness to learn and experiment.
4. How do people keep their photos?

People keep their photos digitally on devices like smartphones, computers, or external hard drives, often utilizing cloud storage for backup. Some also print and organize physical copies in albums or frames for easy viewing and preservation.
5. Do Indian people like to take photos of themselves?
Yes, many Indian people enjoy taking photos of themselves, just like people in many other cultures. Selfies and group photos are common, especially with the prevalence of smartphones and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a popular way to capture moments and share experiences with friends and family.
6. Why do some people like to delete photos?

Some people like to delete photos to manage storage space on their devices, maintain a tidy digital collection, or eliminate images that they no longer want or need.
7. Why do some people like to keep photos?
Some people like to keep photos to preserve memories, document important moments in their lives, or share experiences with others. Photos serve as visual reminders of cherished times and help people relive those moments whenever they look at them.
8. Has the way people take photos changed?

Yes, definitely! With smartphones, people take more photos than before. They love sharing on social media, so they often take photos that look good online. Selfies are super popular, and editing photos with filters is common. Plus, drones make it easy to take cool aerial shots. So, technology and social media have made photo-taking more fun and accessible for everyone.

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