ielts writing task 2 cause and solution essay

ielts writing task 2 cause and solution essay | 8 Band Sample
ielts writing task 2 cause and solution essay | 8 Band Sample
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Fewer young people play sports these days. Why is this? What can be done to encourage more young people to do sports?

These days – in this modern era, in this cutting edge era, in this contemporary era / nowadays

Young people /youngsters/ young ones/ young individuals

People – individuals, multitudes

Encourage – motivate

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Solve – tackle/ mitigate/ curb

Solutions- measure/ remedies

Sports- outdoor game/ physical games

Reasons- factors

Help – assist / aid

Important – imperative / necessary/ vital/ crucial/ essential

Utmost – very

Habitual – addicted


Engaging in sports and physical activities is essential for maintaining good health. However, in the modern era, outdoor sports are less popular among young people. While there are multiple factors contributing to this trend, there are steps that can be taken to encourage them to participate in physical activities.

With the view to discuss, why young ones give less priority to play sports. First and the foremost is that they have become habitual of using technical gadgets. Due to the advancement in technology, many young people now spend their time on electronic gadgets not only for educational purposes but also for playing online games like PUBG, Free Fire, and other video games. When they feel tired or exhausted, they often opt for mobile games for entertainment, favoring them over outdoor sports that require more physical effort. Another contributing factor is the limited availability of playgrounds and sports facilities. To elaborate it, in these days, in some villages or cities, there is neither stadium nor gymnastics to perform physical activities. Consequently, the absence of these essential resources hinders their ability to participate in physical sports and activities.

Despite the aforementioned reasons, there are some solutions to encourage more youngsters for playing sports. The prime one is that parents should  educate their children about the numerous benefits of sports and the potential drawbacks of excessive use of online games. Encouraging them to include physical activities in their daily routines can make a significant difference.

Also teachers should organize games competition in schools or colleges for converting  their interest from technical gadgets to sports . Apart from this, government ought to build playground and parks in every city along with countryside area. Furthermore, higher authorities should be introduced more amenities in these places for recreational activities. As a result, these initiatives can prove fruitful to tackle this issue.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that although only fewer young people play sports due to addiction of electronic devices and less playing sports, they can be encouraged with the assistance of taking steps by parents, teachers as well as government.