IELTS writing process chart

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Process chart

Intro=the given process chart depicts  the process of……….


To begin with, to  commence with, at the beginning, initially, in the first stage

Connectors= nextly, afterthat, then ,thereafter, afterwards, at the subsequent stage, following this, later on,

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Last second stage=at the penultimate stage

Last stage=finally, eventually, lastly

Line variation

#once,………….,it/these have to………….

Once the beans are washed, these have to spread over the wooden box for drying.

#before/after+v1 +ing

Before washing, beans are harvested

After washing, beans are dried.

#unless…………,these are not……….

Unless the beans are washed, these are not spread.

Overall=overall, it is clear that……is straightforward/rigorous involved …stages. This process commences with…1st stage and culminates with….last stage. All these stages are integral for successful completion of process.

The process below shows how drinking water is made using solar power. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information given below.

Write at least 150 words.

The given process chart illustrates how underground water is pumped out and made fit for drinking by using energy from the sun. it can be seen that there are four steps which are involved in the process. Initially, heat from the sun is absorbed by using solar panel then this heat is converted to electricity. This electricity is consumed by pump which pumps out underground water. After this step  pumped water is made to pass through a water filter.

Following this, filtered water is stored in a big water tank, which is placed on a wooden platform. Eventually, there is an outlet pipe on the lower end of tank which has tap attached to it from which potable water can be taken in a moveable container when needed.

Overall, it can be seen that solar energy, which is renewable source of energy can be used very effectively to pump out water from below the ground and then filter it to convert it into drinkable water/water fit for drinking.