10 IELTS writing mistakes that deduct your score

1. If you write more than 180 words in task 1 and 280 in task 2

 only write
 Task 1 – write 170 to 180 words
TASK 2 – 270 TO 280

2. Answering the wrong questions

Make sure understand questions – 100% on topic

3. Using informal writing style

can’t – cannot
doesn’t – does not
Conclusion – In a nutshell (wrong)

4. Copying words from the question

exclude from the word count
must paraphrase for example
The chart shows
The bar graph illustrates
10 IELTS writing mistakes that deduct your score
10 IELTS Writing mistakes that kill your score
IELTS Writing Task 2 Don't Make These Mistakes
ielts writing grammar mistakes

5. Repeating words, phrases, ideas

it shows you do not have range of vocab.

6. Using words you do not know well.

7. Overcomplicating sentence like writing complex sentence which are impossible to understand.

8. Not using linking words.

like – Moreover, However

9. Not expressing your opinion in task 2

10. Not having a writing structure

Task 1 – Introduction, overall, Bp1 and Bp2