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IELTS Writing | How to score 8+ in Writing Task 2

As countries develop, more and more people buy  their own cars. Do you think the advantages of this trend for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

General line

It is indeed true that people are equipped with a range of facilities with the growth in economies.


 In some developed countries, the trend of purchasing and using private cars is increasing.

While this development may bring about some benefits, I would argue that its disadvantages are more significant.

To inaugurate with, there are some basic benefits of owning a car to an individual.

  1. Commuting  becomes convenient for people as or because they can drive to workplace straightaway and they no longer feel the need to wait for public transportation to travel to any place. Result

Therefore, thusly, consequently, they are able to save unnecessary waiting time.

  •  Purchasing a car is an advantage to people in case of extreme emergencies.
  • Inclement weather

Despite the advantages above, I think that the environment gets more damage from the automobiles. One potentially dangerous problem is that due to the flood of vehicles on the road emitting exhaust fumes, the pollution is rising at an alarming rate or unprecedented rate.

If plus present tense, future

If this situation persists like this in the long-run, the day is not far when earth will become an inhabitable place.


Climate change is another obvious issue


Although this trend has some advantages for individuals, I believe that Over dependence on automobiles is far more dangerous for whole world.