Describe something that you picked up that was thrown by someone else

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Where was it?

When was it picked up?

What did you do after you picked it up?

How did you feel?


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1. Unfortunately

2. Numerous

3. Leisurely stroll

4. Appealing

5. Live simply, bloom widely

6. Sigh of relief

7. Full of the joys of spring

8. Appreciate

9. Slice of heaven

10. Rocks into diamonds

Being responsible citizens, it is our duty to keep our neighborhood neat and tidy. Unfortunately, there are numerous people who don’t care about it and usually throw litter here and there.

I would like to share an incident from last weekend when, during my leisurely stroll through the local park, I came across a flower vase carelessly thrown on the ground by an elderly lady. Immediately, I picked it up because it was not broken; just its paint had faded.

Considering myself a creative person, I love to transform waste items into something more attractive and appealing. In this case, I decided to give the flower vase a new life. Firstly, I washed it properly and chose a color contrast of black and golden to make it more visually appealing. Along with this, I also wrote a quote on it, which was ‘Live simply, bloom widely.’ It added a meaningful touch to the transformed vase.

After completing these steps, I put it out to dry and took a sigh of relief. If I talk about my feelings, to be very honest, I felt so proud of myself. My mother also appreciated my efforts, and at that moment, I was in full of the joys of spring. I placed the  vase in the living area, and after that, the space looked like a slice of heaven.

Ultimately, I want to convey that recycling has the power to turn rocks into diamonds. This was my wonderful experience of turning a neglected item into a piece of art.