Describe a period when you were busy Cue Card

Describe a period when you were busy Cue Card
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When it was

What you did during the period

What made you busy

And explain how you felt about the experience.


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1. Allocate

2. Over the moon

3. Table turned

4. Down in the dumps

5. In a hot water

6. killing two birds with one stone – to achieve two things with a single action

7. Immensely

8. sigh of relief

Certainly, managing time is an imperative skill to acquire in order to save precious moments. There are instances when I find myself too busy to effectively allocate my time. One particular occasion that stands out is my parents’ wedding anniversary. During that period, I was overloaded with abundant responsibilities, and it proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

I was over the moon about making my parents’ wedding anniversary special, but the tables turned when I heard about my final exam scheduled for the same day. I felt down in the dumps, but I made up my mind to celebrate the party in the evening. I found myself in hot water as I not only had to prepare for my exams but also had to arrange the entire party.

Before the day arrived, I started by placing an order for a cake and mouth-watering snacks. Along with that, I booked a decoration team and sent invitations to my relatives and my parents’ colleagues, instructing them to keep it a secret. Finally, the day arrived, and it felt like killing two birds with one stone.

Initially, I went for my exam, and after completing it, I immediately went to the market to purchase a cake and bought beautiful watches. Finally, I visited home to ensure all the arrangements were well-prepared because both of my parents work in different fields and usually return home around 6 o’clock. Hence, it was immensely important to complete all the arrangements before that time.

Finally, all the guests arrived just in time, including my parents, who were surprised to see all the preparations. I was on cloud nine seeing the expressions on my parents’ faces. All the guests praised me for the arrangements. After that, my parents cut the cake, and all the guests, including myself, gave beautiful gifts to my parents. They hugged me and blessed me. The party concluded, and I took a sigh of relief. When it comes to the question of how I felt, that experience made me a more responsible person. All in all, it was a time when I was busy.


1. Do you like the fast pace of modern life?

Personally, I do not like this modern trend because, in my opinion, it has more negatives than positives. It not only results in weak bonds between individuals but also leads to increased stress. Additionally, to fulfill their needs, people often adopt a fast-paced lifestyle, but they usually overlook the drawbacks of it, which significantly affects their lives.

2. How do you feel when you are really busy?

Honestly speaking, many people feel down in the dumps when they are too busy, and I am a passenger on the same lane. I do not prefer to stay busy; I like to do my work in an orderly manner instead of attempting to do everything at the same time.

3. What’s the best way to deal with stress?

In my opinion, there are several ways to deal with stress, such as going for a walk and listening to music, both of which can help clear people’s minds and boost their moods. Moreover, connecting with nature during a walk can provide a fresh perspective and contribute to overall well-being. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage stress and promote a sense of calm.

4. What kind of lifestyle is suitable to people in modern society?

A suitable lifestyle for people in modern society involves a balance between work, personal time, and health. Prioritize regular exercise, maintain a balanced diet, and ensure enough rest for overall well-being and keep a positive attitude. This makes life fulfilling and easy to adjust to different situations.

5. What relaxation techniques do you usually use?

I do various activities to keep myself relaxed, such as going for walks, listening to music, and practicing yoga and meditation. These techniques work well for alleviating my stress.