Describe an unusual holiday you had

Jan to April 2024 Cue Card | Describe an unusual holiday you had
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What holiday it was

Who you were with

What you did

And explain why it was unusual.


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1. Hodophile – a person who loves travel

2. Apple of my eye – the person who someone loves most 

3. On seventh heaven – very happy

4. Unfortunately – badly

5. Down in the dumps – feel low

6. A bolt from the blue – something totally unexpected

7. Renowned – popular

8. Proud as peacock- very proud

There is no doubt that holidays play a part and parcel role in every person’s life. Holidays not only provide a break from mundane life but also give relaxation from a hectic schedule. Here, I would like to shed some light on a particular unusual holiday.

Actually, I am a Hodophile person and I prioritize visiting distinct places whenever I get a chance as a vacation. Last month; during December, I decided to have a day off from my communication classes in order to visit a club that is newly opened near my hometown with my best friend _(name)__ , as she is the apple of my eye. I was on seventh- heaven when I heard about the interior area of a club which is really fantastic.

I got a holiday from my educational center but unfortunately, when I arrived at the club, the club was closed on that particular day I felt down in the dumps. On the day of the holiday, I took a rest for an hour and then started communicating with my mother. She told me about the night fair in my village. I was surprised to hear this because/ since it is extraordinary to have any festival in my small town / in my living area. For night occasions, me and my mother dressed traditionally, as we both love our culture/ tradition.

After waiting the whole day for the perfect timing, I was at the end of my patience. In addition, when I reached the location of the festival, the whole situation was like a bolt from the blue for me because the whole place/area was decorated with beautiful candles/curtains/lights etcetera. There was a beautiful entrance gate at the starting point. The chief guest at the fair was Renowned singer/actor namely Diljit Dosanjh.

Honestly speaking, he is my favourite as well as Idol actor and I inspired myself a lot by his achievements. I bought some things from street shops at the festival, ate delicious eatables, rode swings and slides. After enjoying the occasion for around two hours, I got a chance/opportunity to click selfies with Diljit Dosanjh, did a handshake with him, and got his fabulous autograph which I have kept in my showcase these days with print. Believe me, I felt proud as a peacock when I saw my picture with him in a famous/popular newspaper in my area. This is my happiest moment as an unexpected vacation till now.