Describe a uniform you wear Cue Card

Describe a uniform you wear | 8 Band Sample
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When you wear it

Who bought it for you

What does it look like

How you feel about it


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1. Part and parcel

2. Indispensable

3. Renowned

4. Proud as peacock

5. Imperative

6. Show

7. Attention- grabbing

There is no doubt that uniforms play a part and parcel role at every place whether it is school or office. Uniform usually shows equality among people and here I would like to shed some light on dress that I wore during my school time.

 Actually, I completed my education from___ school name__ And there was a beautiful dress code, I  used to wear during school hours as it was an utmost indispensable for every single pupil to maintain not only discipline but also the status of the school.

 Furthermore, most of my things are bought by my mother as she looks after me in a good manner, and in the case of my uniform, it is the same. She purchased the whole dress for me from the best showroom in Barnala, renowned for school dresses only. This was combination of two colours, navy blue and white. In my educational Centre, both boys and girls had distinct uniforms. Boys wore shirts and trousers, on the flip side all females wore shirts, skirts along with stockings and I was not an exceptional one. There was also a tie, belt, shoes, and ID card included in the main dress code. 

In addition, whenever any student missed one single factor, even an ID card, strict punishment was given to  particular student. If I talk about this question of how I felt about school dress then, believe me, I was in my element during school hours/ time, since it gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. In my school, students came from distinct backgrounds rich and poor. However, the uniform promoted equality among all scholars by ending the barriers of discrimination. It made me feel proud as a peacock that I studied in that school which was totally against difference. My feelings regarding the school uniform are totally unique and I think that school uniform is imperative for every student.


1 Why should students wear uniforms?

I think that there are various reasons behind the wearing of school uniforms by students of every school. First and foremost, it promotes equality among them. It is evident that by wearing the same dress during school hours, students can feel confident which in turn lets them stay focused and comfortable while studying at school. Secondly, it shows the identification or personality of any school. I mean that it is the way by which schools describe their status in people.

2. On what occasion should people wear uniforms?

Mainly, it depends on the preference of every person In contrast, I do not think that people need to wear a uniform on every occasion. In other words, uniforms are mainly for offices and schools and there is no need to wear the dress at every place/occasion/ festival. For instance, it is important only during school hours,  office work, and duties.

3. Should companies ask employees about the design of their uniform?

I believe it’s important for employees to have a say in choosing the design of their work uniforms. When employees are part of this decision, they tend to value and respect their uniforms more, wearing them properly and creating a more respectful workplace. Additionally, being involved in the process can boost their confidence, leading to more effective and well-mannered work.

4. Can people tell someone’s personality by his or her clothes?

Not always. While clothes can give a hint about someone’s style, they don’t reveal the full picture of their personality. People are complex, and judging solely based on clothing might not capture who they really are.

5. What colour would catch people’s attention most?

The colour that tends to catch people’s attention the most varies from person to person, and it can also be influenced by cultural factors. However, bright and bold colours like red, yellow, and orange are often considered attention-grabbing.