Describe an interesting conversation you had with a very old person

Describe an interesting conversation you had with a very old person | 8 band sample
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Who this person is

Where you had the conversation

What you talked about

And explain how you felt about the experience.


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1. Once in a blue moon

2. Passenger of the same lane

3. Barriers

4. Roller coaster ride

5. Grace of god

6. Resolve

7. Never miss the boat

8. unforgettable

In this modern era, the young generation often does not prefer to have conversations with older people. However, once in a blue moon, it happens when they engage in conversation. Speaking for myself, I usually love to converse with older people, such as my grandparents or other individuals, because it not only enhances my knowledge but also improves my communication skills. Here, I would like to shed some light on an interesting conversation I had with Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur.

 Actually, She is a 62-year-old woman whom I met at a bosom friend’s home on her birthday. Surprisingly, she is my friend’s grandmother. Her grandmother really likes baking, and I am also in the same lane because I enjoy it a lot.

On that day, she made a delicious cake that everyone liked so much. At the end of the party, I asked her about cooking skills, and she shared her background story, which was really interesting. She told me that when she was in her teenage years, she started learning this skill and described the barriers she faced while learning it. She shared the roller coaster ride of her culinary journey with me. In a very polite way, she answered all of my questions.

Towards the end of our conversation, she generously gave me some tips, tricks, and her secret recipes so that I could also learn. Her kind nature impressed me a lot, and I did not feel bored while talking with her.

Whenever I face any problem in cooking, without any hesitation, I prefer to call her, and by the grace of God, she always resolves them. I think, along with having skilled hands in cooking, she also has a beautiful heart. I really want to have more and more conversations with her because the time I spent with her was unforgettable. If I get the same opportunity in my future life, then I will never miss the boat to have another interesting conversation with an older person.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. Do you think old people and young people can share the same interest? 

Honestly speaking, young and older ones are the two different sides of the coin because their generation gap affects their viewpoints if I talk about technology then young ones have a keen interest in it but when it comes to older ones they have more interest in traditional books as well as things.  Sometimes they share the same interests such as when they watch match programs and movies.

2. What skills can the old teach the young?

 There are various things which older people can teach young ones firstly they can tell them about moral values and ethics along with this youngest learn how to respect elders and give love to little ones from grey-haired people. Apart from this older ones can also assist the young generation in their life because they have more experience than them in how to deal with problems and ways of living life with joy.

3. What skills can the young teach the old?

In this modern era without any second thought, I can say that young people can teach numerous things to the older ones but the most important in these days is how to use technology there is no doubt the majority of older people face many problems while using technology, it is the responsibility of young ones to teach them how to access it and they can also tell the use of mobile phone, laptop, and computer so that an older people can also get benefits from it. People also encourage older people to go out of their comfort zone and try new things.

4. Do you think the old people should live with their family?

Yes, definitely older people need to live with their families. There are numerous reasons why they have to live with their family . Firstly health issues if any older people face health issues then their family can stand by for them and help them to get rid of it and apart from this they can also entertain their self while living with their family but if they live alone then they can usually feel health issues, isolation as well as loneliness.