Spoken English Day 8

Spoken English
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Distributive pronouns:-

Distributive pronouns refer to nouns as individual elements of larger groups. They enable you to single out individuals while acknowledging that they’re part of a group. Distributive pronouns include the following:




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For example:-

All of my friends entered the costume contest, and none of them won.

Each of you can do this sum.

Eat either of these two bananas.

any of these five girls may dance.


There are only two reciprocal pronouns: each other and one another.

These pronouns describe a mutual relationship between two or more elements.

for example,

the two neighbors hated each other.

All my siblings are blaming one another for breaking the flower pot.

the girls are helped one another.

Forms of verb:-

Awake awoke

bite bit bitten

blow blew blown

bind bound bound

dig dug dug

feed fed fed

freeze froze frozen

hang hung hung

ring rang rung

ride rode ridden

 Daily use sentences:-

make the bed please.

thread the needle.

turn on the tap.

blow out your nose.

switch off /on the light. of/off

wring out the towel.

put off the lamp.

take off your shoes.

peel off the oranges.

unlace your shoes and sit at ease.

vocabulary words

annual happening every year.

aquatic living in water.

atheist one who does not beleive in god.

biography the life story of a person 

autobiography the life story of a person written by himself.