Spoken English Day 9

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An adjective is a word that is used to qualify or describe a noun and a pronoun.adjectives add something to the meaning of noun or pronoun.

for example:- 

It is a red pencil. / it is a pencil.

He is wearing a blue shirt.

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Harry is a smart boy. 

there are various types of adjectives:-

Adjectives of quality:- they tell the quality or the state of something. 

for example:- 

an honest man.

a blue lily.

attributively:- in this adjective is used before the noun. 

for example:-

the old man. 

the red flower is lovely.

a clever boy was laughing.

predicatively:- adjective used after verb:-

the pencil is hard.

the cloth is new.

the shirt is white.

forms of verb

hide hid hidden

grind ground ground

shake shook shaken

shoot shot shot

swear swore sworn

swing swung swung

wring wrung wrung

abuse abused abused

add added added

admire admired admired

daily use  sentences

go and enjoy yourself.

set the alarm at five.

do not shirk work.

beaware of pick pockets.

beaware of imitation. 

mind your own business.

pare your nails.

do not spit on the floor. 

do not park here.

iron the clothes.

vocabulary words

anger wrath,rage

apology regret,pardon, sorry

aid help,support

benefit advantage, profit

chaste clean,pure