Describe a person you who likes to talk lot

Describe a person you who likes to talk lot | 8 Band Sample
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Who this person is

How do you know him/her

What he/she likes to talk about

And explain how you feel about this person.


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1. Full of beans

2. Passenger of the same lane

3. Mimic

4. Fortunate

5. Significant

6. Crucial

7. Extrovert

8. Engage

Having a conversation with others is quite  beneficial, and many people have a talkative nature. The same goes for me, as I would like to shed some light on my bossom buddy, Sukhman.

 In my eyes, she is the one who always likes to communicate with others. She is my childhood friend, and our parents share a good bond with each other for a very long time. She is 23 years old, not only beautiful but also has a kind nature towards others. Moreover, being a chatterbox, she always stays full of beans and entertains others. All my friends like to listen to her conversations, and I am also a passenger on the same lane.

When it comes to the question of what she likes to talk about, honestly speaking, it is quite difficult for me to choose any one particular topic because her talkative nature is not limited to one specific subject; instead, she appears to be well-versed in a wide array of topics. In gossip, she plays the role of an all-rounder. Sometimes she likes to express her feelings about current affairs, and along with this, she is always socially updated. Despite her talkative nature, She is a great listener too. She values the input of others and is open to diverse viewpoints.

 All in all, she is a person who loves to talk and engages in diverse and interesting conversations. I like her the most when she does mimicry of Bollywood celebrities. I never feel bored whenever she is around me. Usually, people get tired while listening to others, but in her case, I love to listen to her because I really like her talkative nature. Honestly, I feel fortunate to have such a talkative and lively friend in my life.

Follow –ups

1. What communication skills are important?

There are various important communication skills, such as active listening, clear expression, and the ability to convey ideas effectively. Non-verbal communication skills, including body language and facial expressions, also play a significant role in effective communication. These skills are crucial for effective and positive interactions in various aspects of life.

2. Are you talkative?

As an extroverted individual, I can confidently say that I am talkative and enjoy interacting with a variety of personalities. This not only boosts my confidence but also strengthens bonds with different people. Additionally, I engage in casual conversations about daily occurrences with my close friends through social platforms, providing an outlet for sharing my feelings and fostering connection.

3. Are most Indian people talkative?

India is a diverse country with a variety of people, and conversational preferences vary from person to person. While some individuals may be talkative, others may not share the same inclination. Some people engage in extensive conversations as part of their job, while others simply enjoy talking. In social situations, individuals often express their viewpoints and engage in discussions to connect with others.

4 What jobs need employees to be talkative?

In this modern era, a variety of jobs demand strong communication skills, including roles such as salesperson, advertiser, and teacher. In professions like sales and advertising, effective communication is essential for understanding customer needs and preferences. Similarly, a teacher’s job relies heavily on communication skills, as they play a crucial role in comprehending and addressing the needs of their students.

5. Should children be encouraged to talk more?

Certainly, children should be encouraged to enhance their communication skills. Good communication not only facilitates learning but also enables children to express themselves, speak about meaningful topics, and confidently present their viewpoints to the world.