Describe something that you did with someone/ a group of people Cue Card

Describe something that you did with someone/ a group of people
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What it was?

Who you did it with?

How long it took you to do this?

And explain why you did it together?


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Hectic schedule

Exhausted mind

Herculean task

A piece of cake

Arduous work

Hard nut to crack




Quite rewarding valuable or satisfying

Nowadays everyone leads with hectic schedule so I love to do various activities because these activities provide  relaxation to my exhausted mind such as artwork, participating in competitions, traveling, cooking, and so on.

Today, I would like to describe one such activity that I did as a school student. There was a school competition at my school and our teacher asked us to make thread painting during the weekend.

Since I’d never made a thread painting before, I thought it would be a herculean  task. But it turned out that with the help of my mother, making a painting was actually just a piece of cake.

Well, to be frank, my memory fails me and I cannot recall the exact date when I attended the craft activity but I am sure it must be at the high school. I made a thread painting with the help of a needle and wool and it was on a cloth. I bought everything ready-made from the market. On the piece of cloth, I traced all the village scenes. On the one side, there was a well, ladies were getting water from it. On the other side, farmers were doing work in the field.

It seemed to be arduous work or in the beginning, it was a hard nut to crack as it took 4 to 5 days to finish it but finally, it turned out to be quite rewarding. I got first prize and  Our hard work paid off. And my teacher was also very satisfied with my work and praised me.

Ultimately, I did it with my mother because it was impossible for me without my mother’s assistance.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. How do you get along with your neighbors?

I really feel good to get along with my neighborhood people as they are very familiar to me since my childhood. We have done many things together and celebrated many events and festivals together so I consider them as my family members.

2. How do neighbors help each other?

Neighbors help each other in many ways they guide each other. In emergency situations they are the first responders and in the times of crisis they stand by each other so in this way they help each other. 

3. Do you think neighbors help each other more often in the countryside than in the city?

In the countryside people know each other very well and they have very limited sources so sharing is more often in the countryside. On the other hand, in cities people are more occupied in personal and professional ways so they only share limited time together. In cities people have their own resources so they are less dependent on others.

4. How do children learn to cooperate with each other?

Children learn cooperation in school and neighborhood when they play together outdoors and do activities together in school. School teaches them group activities and makes them more tolerant and caring towards each other.

5. Do you think parents should teach children how to cooperate with others? How?

Absolutely yes parents are the first teachers and they teach the basics of social life. Parents should teach basic qualities like respect, honesty. They  should teach these qualities at an early age so that their children can imbibe these qualities into them.

.6. Do you think it’s important for children to learn about cooperation?

Absolutely yes cooperation is the first thing that leads one towards success and by collaborating and helping others children can become responsible citizens. Cooperation can be learnt by doing group activities and taking part in social events even playing games can teach good teamwork in children.