Describe a daily routine that you enjoy Cue Card

Describe a daily routine that you enjoy
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What it is.

Where and when you do it.

Who do you do it with.

Explain why you enjoy it.


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Endless benefits

Significant improvement


Full of beans


Unique feature

Worth mentioning


Part and parcel


Although I have many chores which I do daily, there is a new unique feature I have added to my routine which is worth mentioning.

It is the routine of doing yoga every weekday. I do it to remain fit. I get up early in the morning around 5.30 am. My day starts by following a healthy routine. Before starting the yoga practice, I take a glass of water. Then, my yoga practice starts around 6’o clock.

Furthermore, I do yoga on the terrace of my house and use the yoga mat to perform the yoga poses. I begin with sun salutations and then move further. The other poses which I perform are the triangle pose, chair pose, and mountain pose. I also do alternate nostril breathing which is quite an effective yoga exercise. It reduces stress and improves respiratory functions.

Earlier I used to do it alone, but after seeing a significant improvement in me, my family members have joined me, and we do it together.

I enjoy this because there are endless benefits of yoga. It provides me relief from back pain.  I had sleeping problems and used to struggle to get good sleep. However, since the day I began practicing yoga, I have maintained a good sleeping pattern.

After doing yoga, I feel active and enjoy doing tasks of the day. Also, yoga makes me feel fresh and relaxed. yoga has become part and parcel of my life. I feel delightful and positive after this activity. Or I feel full of beans after doing yoga.


1. Should children have learning routines?

Definitely yes, kids ought to learn about routines as they become good at time management and organization. By learning about routines they give importance to various activities which can lead them to punctuality and make them successful in further life. Moreover, those students who follow a learning routine have less stress during exams.

2. What are the advantages of children having a routine at school?

There are numerous merits of having routines at school. Firstly, Having a routine at school makes children disciplined, and their concentration while studying improves considerably. Furthermore, they do not waste time on unnecessary pursuits; their central focus is on studies.

 3. Does having a routine make kids feel more secure at school?

Absolutely yes children with good routines are physically fit and they are leading in academics. This makes them more secure and confident.

4. How do people’s routines differ on weekdays and weekends?

On weekdays the routine is of work and study. People get up early, do household chores and rush to their respective study centers or workplaces. On the other hand, people have no opportunity to unwind during weekends. Firstly most people get up late and play sports instead of exercising. Apart from this, they go to shopping malls and multiplexes to spend their leisure time.

5. What daily routines people have at home?

People have different routines regarding work, exercise, family time, socializing with Neighbours, and managing household chores. Moreso, When all family members are back from work, they watch tv together or do chit chats in the evenings.

6. What are the differences in people’s daily routines now and 15 years ago?

In the past, people were more active physically in work related to household chores and agriculture as it was their priority. Today people do corporate jobs and they have many resources so physical activity is reduced and mental stress is surging in modern people.