Describe an advertisement that you don’t like Cue Card

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
Describe an advertisement that you don’t like
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When did you see it?

What is it about?

Where you can saw it?

Why you didn’t like it?


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Famous Figureheads


Grab the attention

Left no stone unturned  


Boatload of energy


Disastrous repercussion

Advertising is the key to the enhancement of business but it has dark sides. Some commercial promotions influence the buying behaviour of individuals. Moreover, these products are of no use and misleading. Sometimes famous figureheads also endorse products that have no importance. Some of these ads have sensitive content that grabs the attention of viewers.

Here I want to talk about a publication that I do not like I saw it couple of months ago when I was watching a reality show on national television channel with my siblings and I left no stone unturned to condemn it.

It is about a Tabaco product. The leading character in the advert consumes that item and gets boatload of energy after that. The immense power he gains after the consumption, helps him to beat the robbers who are doing robbery from the bank.

I do not like it. The main factor behind it is that Tabaco products are detrimental to our health and can lead to disastrous repercussions. Under the influence of such adverts teenagers and youngsters can follow this imprudent approach which may be harmful to the current generation and  posterity. I also  write a letter to ministry to ban it, however no step is taken by the authority.


Why do some people hate advertisements?

To be very honest, there are many reasons behind it. One not prefer to see it because of its length, while others find it illogical. Some hate promotions as they come between watching the programs that breaks the continuity.

Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements?

Definitely, ads are not only informative but also innovative. If people think that particular item satisfy their specific need then they do not hesitate to purchase it. Commercial ads lure a wide range of persons from small children to senior citizens.

Is music useful in advertising?

According to my perspective, music improves the overall effectiveness of advertisements in many ways such as improve attitudes towards the brand, incline the preference regarding the product and improve mental image memory of the item.

What are the advantages of TV advertisements? How about internet ads?

There are various merits of TV as well as internet ads. Consumers come to know about prevailing discounts, they can compare the products quality by watching advertisements, they also get knowledge about new brands, items and so on. The key difference between TV and internet ads is that on can skip it on internet but no such option is available on TV.

Where usually do we see adverts?

There’s nowhere left where we cannot see advertisements. We can see ads everywhere, such as on the internet like websites, and social media. Newspaper and magazines also contain a great deal of advertising, and we can also see ads on television, radio and billboards.

Are there any advertisements at school?

Restaurants and fast food chains frequently offer free treats to students to promote their business. Some schools permit advertising on the exteriors and interiors of school buses.

Are there some inappropriate adverts?

Some ads are not useful like ads content based on discrimination, spread hate and violence.

Apart from this some ads promote Tabaco, wine, liquors are not suitable one.

Why does the government allow such ads?

Government allow such ads, because these ads boosts the economy  and authorities earn high taxes from such adverts.

Do you think it is bad for children?

Yes definitely, these ads  may harm the children but, I feel that parents can play an active role by guiding their kids what is right or wrong and keeping an eye on them.

Do parents can complain about it?

Yes, parents can complain about it to the information and broadcasting ministry of their nation but I think that merits of this phenomenon are more than its demerits.