Describe a person who wears unusual clothes.

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Who is he

How do you know him

What kind of clothes he wears

Why do you consider that his clothing choices are weird?

Nowadays, everyone wants to wear  trendy  clothes due to the influence of westernization. I am fond of buying new clothes but not strange one.

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There are few people who wear different clothes. Here I would like to elaborate a person who love to wear unusual outfits.

He is my bosom friend. He normally wears bright colours and abnormal dresses. He does not only wear unique clothes but wears awkward footwear also.

A few days ago, in December when most individuals wear woollen clothes, he wore summer dress with winter shoes.

I must say that his dressing style is a different that I have never seen him dressed up as a normal person.

There are numerous things that makes his outfits uncommon and different. If I talk about the choice of colours most men prefer to wear sober and light colours but  he prefer to wear eye-catching  colours like yellow, orange and red.

I vividly remember that one time he wore vibrant colour dress in our college on essay writing competition. Everyone was shocked to see the costume he wore on that day and all students laughed at him.

I asked him the reason behind wearing these type of clothes then he said that, he wants to change the perception of society that like women, men can also try different type of clothing.

Apart from this, he has a very kind nature  and even I discuss all of my secrets with him.

Overall, this is the person that I know who wears unusual  outfits.


1.Where do Indians normally buy clothes?

Now is the Internet age, so now whether young people, middle-aged people or old people like to shop online. I  buy my clothes through online only. Am a working woman i don’t have time to go shop and select my dress, because for women’s shopping clothes is not very easy. So I choose online shopping is the best way to buy my favorite clothes. But i have lot of confusion to select which online website is the best one to give quality products, attractive discounts, best customer service and etc.

2. What is the difference between men’s and women’s choices of clothes?

Women are very much into fashion and style. Most of the females love to wear bright colour clothes like red, pink and so on. On the other side, males prefer sober and light clothes like white, grey and blue.

Furthermore, men like to buy comfortable outfits but women love to buy trendy clothes.

3. Do clothes affect people’s mood?

Yes sure, Several studies show people mood can be affected depending on what they wear. The style, material, color and shape of their clothing choices can express different emotions. Baggy clothes and big sweatshirts are related to depression, while dresses and jewelry are associated more with a happy or positive state of mind. 

4.what do people consider when buying clothes?

People consider various factors in mind while  buying   clothes such as fabric, price, good quality, texture, colour and so on. For example, Some clothes look good on you because of the colors while others can show your best features like your eyes or hair.