Describe a new development in your country or the area where you live Cue card

Describe a new development in your country or the area where you live | May to August 2024 | IELTS Speaking

Describe a new development in your country or the area where you live
Describe a new development in your country or the area where you live
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Describe a new development in your country or the area where you live.
What and where the developments
What it was like before
How long it took to complete it
How people feel about it
And explain how it has improved the area you live in.

1. Imperative
2. Plethora
3. Walking in the air
4. Shopping freak
5. Renowned
6. on cloud nine
7. Tables turned

I think development in the infrastructure is quite imperative for the progress of a nation and from my childhood to this present time, I have seen a plethora of developments in my nation that facilitate people in different ways such as parks, museums, hospitals, schools and many more. Hence, I would like to shed some light on one of them that is shopping mall which was recently opened in the heart of my hometown. I was walking in the air after hearing the news about this because being a shopping freak person I love shopping.
Although certain shopping markets were available before this development, they did not have variety and quality. whereas, from this shopping complex, people can purchase products from renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci and so on which not only have amazing quality but are also long-lasting. So that is why people can use these things for a long period.
If it comes to the question, of how much time it took to complete, I think approximately two years it took to complete as the size of the mall is quite huge and also has separate shops. After spreading the news about this, people in my area were on cloud nine as before they had to go to another city to buy things from eminent brands but now they can easily get their important things under one roof since different shops of various things are present here. The outline of this mall is classy and elegant.
Instead of this, there are also other facilities like a gaming zone in which people can play games and entertain themselves and a theatre for watching the latest movies. This new development makes my area more popular among other regions regularly, people visit there to enjoy their leisure time and they do not need to go places that are very far from their hometown to buy things from famous brands.
Finally, I want to say that, due to this development, my area become more popular and also it improves the living standard of people much better than past as it proves fruitful in providing employment to many shopkeepers who sell their products and earn a big chunk of money. I prefer to go there whenever I need something and sometimes to spend quality time with my kith and kin. So, to cut a long story short, it is a new development in my area.

1. Describe the development in your country in past and the present era?
According to my knowledge, there is a vast difference between the development of the previous and present eras. If I talk about ancient time, facilities like transportation, and the internet was not available and lots of people used to go anywhere by bicycle but now the table has turned, nowadays these kinds of amenities are increasing by leaps and bounds.

2. How have shopping habits changed over recent years?
Shopping habits have shifted significantly due to technology. More people now shop online for convenience and variety, with mobile apps making the process even easier. There’s also a growing trend towards sustainable and ethical shopping.

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3. Do you think online shopping will eventually replace in-store shopping completely?
No, I don’t think online shopping will completely replace in-store shopping. While online shopping is convenient, in-store shopping offers tangible experiences and immediate gratification. Both will continue to coexist, complementing each other.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in big shopping malls?
Big malls offer convenience, variety, and entertainment, making them ideal for family outings. However, they can be crowded and noisy, and often lead to impulsive buying. Additionally, they may negatively impact small local businesses.

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