IELTS Recent Exam 2021 Speaking with answer

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Part 1 (Interview)

1.What is your full name?

My first name is Rupinder and my family name is Chahal and Please just call me Rupinder.

2. Can I see your passport?

Of course, here you go.

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 3.Where do you come from?

I hail from northern part of India.

4.Have you visited a farm?

Yes, several times but the ones that I really enjoyed visiting the most are orchards and vineyards in Himachal Pradesh. I vividly remember there were lots of oranges, apples and grapes and the place smelt really refreshing.

5. What kind of farm do you like?

Without a doubt, it’s the orchard, like I said earlier, the smell is pleasing and refreshing. I think it would make me the happiest person in the world. On the other hand, I don’t like the poultry farm because I just can’t bear the smell of it.

6. Do you think farming is important?

Yes, Farming plays an important role in our existence. Without it, there won’t be any food production as a result, we all die. We consume foods every single day that are a product of farming like rice, fruits and many more. It’s impossible to survive without the industry of farming.

7.Did you do farm work when you were young?

No, As I grew up in the city, I did not get chance to do some farm work. All of my childhood days were spent playing in the park with friends and I just think it’s really hard to do some farm work for a child.

8.Do you have a lot of furniture in your home?

Yes, we do have plenty of furniture in the house for example, table, chair, wardrobe, bed and many more because my parents love to buy new furniture and I always want my house look more beautiful. That is why I usually buy furniture for my house.

9.Has anyone bought a furniture piece for you?

Yes, recently my mother bought a desk and study chair for me. For instance, last year I deadly need of these things because I always studying on the floor so that is why my mother gave me these useful things.

10.What kind of furniture do you like to buy?

Actually, I am thinking of buying a computer table because I find it is very beneficial for me and I realized I badly need one due to this I would concentrate on my studies so to buy this furniture I am seriously saving money.

11.Which furniture in your home do you like the best?

I really like my bed is the best because it is one of a kind where I can rest as well as sleep over the bed. I enjoy using it because it’s just relaxing when I come back from college, I like feeling taking a rest on the bed as it helps me to reduce my stress so according to me it is not only a bed but it also provide a lot of benefits to me.

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a skill that you can teach other people.

What it is?

How you learnt it?

How can you teach others this skill?

How do you feel about this skill?

Skills play a defining role in our life. They make us more efficient and productive. well, teaching something to someone is not a easy task. Although, I have learnt numerous skills such as, cooking, driving and many more, here I would like to elaborate one of my favourite skill which I want to teach others handicraft. Handicraft is a type of craft where people make things using only their hands or basic tools. The items are usually decorative and have a particular use. It is a traditional form of art. The popularity of this skill is still alive in some places.

I have learnt this skill one of my favourite teacher. During my school days, I had attended art classes from the professional trainer at my school. This has made mandatory in my school though I wasn’t interested in handicraft but when I saw some videos on youtube then I became curious in order to learn the skill.
I have been doing handicraft since I have learned and never skipped for a long time. Even I spent two hours daily. I believe I still have all the skills required to teach this art either individually or in a group.

Not only I can teach how to do thread painting on piece of cloth but its benefits as well so I think I can teach properly because I know I am excellent in this skill. Moreover, I would say, this is not a herculean task for anyone to learn it. In fact, it is quite attractive and easy skill.

Overall, from my point of view, everyone must learn this art because nowadays we have very hectic schedule so according to me this is the best art which provide us relaxation as well as act as a stress buster.

Follow ups

1. Should teachers be funny when they teach?

 Yes definitely, when instructors use positive and appropriate humor, students report feeling the classroom is a more interesting and relaxed environment, and they report more motivation to learn and more enjoyment of the course. Conversely, when instructors use negative or aggressive humor aimed at students, a more anxious and uncomfortable learning environment, increased student distraction, and less enjoyment of class are reported by students.

2. What qualities should teachers have?

 A competent teacher should possess individual qualities such as being kind-hearted, humorous, patient, responsible, having confidence and leadership. In my opinion, among all these qualities, patience is the most important quality that a good teacher should possess. A teacher with patience is a teacher who can control emotions appropriately.

3.which do you think are more important practical skills or academic skills?

According to me, here in INDIA and every part of the world, practical skills are extremely important but Degrees are also important because someone would like to see your practical skills only after knowing what degrees you hold. Let us understand it like a 2-stair height between you and your Destination. The first stair is Degrees. The Second Stair is Practical Skills. If any of these things is absent, the journey would be difficult but not impossible.

4.which age group is best age for learning?

The popular belief is that the younger you are, the better and faster you will learn the language. It means that their brains are able to adapt more easily to new sounds and patterns so that´s why a person just can become bilingual if s/he learns both languages as a child. Furthermore, Children do make mistakes and they don´t care at all. We, adults, are so frightened to make mistakes that most of the time won´t speak a word in order not to look silly.