Describe someone you know who made a good decision recently Cue card

Describe someone you know who made a good decision recently
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Describe someone you know who made a good decision recently May to august 2024
Who he/she is
When he/she made the decision
What decision he/she made
Why it was a good decision
And explain how you felt about the decision.

1. Daunting
2. Initial life
3. Conflicts
4. Table turn
5. Over the moon
6. Unforeseen circumstances
7. Trivial topics
8. Significant changes

Choosing the right decision can indeed be daunting for anyone. While I know many intelligent individuals, today, I want to highlight a particular decision made by my close friend.
I visited her house last month to spend quality time together. While we were browsing the internet, a video link about meditation suddenly appeared on her mobile phone screen. We opened the link and watch the video.
After watching a video about the benefits of meditation, she decided to practice it regularly. Now, she has noticed significant positive changes in her life because, in her Initial life, she was very aggressive and often argued over minor tasks, earning her the nickname “angry bird.” Additionally, she frequently sparked conflicts with her siblings.
It proved fruitful for her as since then, she has noticed significant changes in her life. Her short-tempered nature has transformed, and she has become more patient and tolerant. Also, all my friends didn’t like her due to her short-tempered nature and always lived far away from her, but now the tables have turned, and they all love her because of her polite nature.
By diving deep into the ocean of meditation daily, she has become patient and can easily tolerate things. Now she doesn’t get angry over trivial topics, whether things are good or not. Without this decision, she would not have been capable of handling unforeseen circumstances. I really felt over the moon for my friend that she took this decision and I also feel that I should try this activity in my life.
All in all, this decision taken by my friend has changed her whole life.


1. Should parents make decisions for their children?
Yes, parents should make decisions for their children until they reach an age where they can make responsible choices on their own. For example, setting rules for bedtime, because they have the experience and authority to ensure their child’s health and well-being.

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2. Do you think parents are the best people to make decisions about their children’s education?
Yes, parents are often the best people to make decisions about their children’s education because they understand their child’s learning style, interests, and needs. For instance, a parent may choose to enroll their child in a specialized art program if they notice a strong passion and talent for drawing.

3. At what age do you think children can be allowed to make decisions by themselves?
Children can begin making decisions for themselves around adolescence, typically around 12 to 14 years old, as they develop greater independence and judgment. For example, they might choose their own hobbies or manage their pocket money.

4. Why do most children find it difficult to make decisions?
Children often find it hard to make decisions because they’re still learning how to evaluate choices and their consequences. For example, a child might struggle to decide what game to play because they worry about missing out on fun with other options.

5. Should parents interfere in children’s decision making?
Parents should interfere in children’s decision-making to provide guidance and support, especially when safety or well-being is at risk. For example, if a child wants to play outside alone in the dark, it’s important for parents to step in and explain the risks involved.

6. How should parents help their children make decisions?
Parents can help their children make decisions by listening to their concerns, providing guidance, and offering examples from their own experiences. For instance, if a child is unsure about which after-school activity to choose, parents can discuss the pros and cons of each option and share how they made similar decisions when they were younger.

7. Should children make decisions on their own?
Yes, children should be encouraged to make decisions on their own as they grow and mature. For example, letting a child choose their own clothes for the day fosters independence and decision-making skills.

8. How should parents help their children make decisions?
Parents can help their children make decisions by providing support, offering advice, and encouraging them to consider different options. For example, when deciding on a birthday party theme, parents can discuss ideas with their child and help them weigh the pros and cons of each choice.

9. Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?
Yes, parents in my country often take decisions for their children, especially when it comes to matters like education, health, and safety. This is because parents typically have the legal authority and responsibility to ensure the well-being and development of their children until they reach adulthood.

10. Do you think it is advisable listening to others advice when making decisions?
Absolutely, Seeking advice from others can provide diverse perspectives and valuable insights that we might overlook on our own. For instance, if we’re thinking about switching careers, talking to people who work in that field can give us really good advice. It helps us make smarter choices about what to do next.

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