Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once Cue Card

Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once

Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once
Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once
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Describe a place where you have taken photos more than once | May to August 2024
Where the place is
When you took the photos
What special features do the photos taken have
And explain why you have been there more than once to take photos.

1. Avid
2. Excessive
3. Stunning
4. Sightseers
5. Passenger of the same lane
6. Over the moon
7. No stone unturned
8. Vicinities
9. just a stone’s throw away
10. Umpteen
11. Miss the boat

As an avid photographer, I always feel a deep passion for capturing distinct moments to create memorable memories. Throughout my life, I have taken an excessive number of photos, but one place stands out where I have repeatedly taken stunning photographs that is none other than the central park of my hometown.
Actually, it is located in the heart of my city which is not only beautiful but also very eminent among people as a significant number of sightseers visit there. I am also a passenger of the same lane. I vividly remember, a few months back, when this park newly opened in my hometown, me and my friend could not control ourselves to visit there.
Hence, it was the first time, we saw the natural beauty of that park and also the day when we clicked plenty of pictures in different spots of the park like in front of the wooden house, with a waterfall, in grassy areas, and with different statues, which are situated in the front of the park and many more. We were feeling over the moon after capturing these special views in our pics. Instead of this, we clicked random pictures while playing badminton. Finally, we came back to my home and I showed those pictures to my family and also uploaded them on social media apps to inspire people to visit them to enjoy nature.
In addition, I have visited there many times not once as it is just a stone’s throw away from my home and I am a nature lover person so that is why this park always attracts me to visit there to enjoy the beauty of greenery. Moreover, I also go there more than once because I feel very calm and close to the environment. Therefore, Whenever I have the opportunity to visit there just for roaming purposes with my friends, I leave no stone unturned to create memories over there about the greenery as well as the vicinities of this park as I am the sort of person who enjoys capturing each and everything.
Not only this, but after watching these spectacular pics I can both recall a remarkable time and observe the beauty of this park. All in all, that was the place where I have umpteen speechless memories as pictures, and whenever I get any chance to visit there I never miss the boat.


1. Do you like to take photos?
Yes, I enjoy taking photos. For instance, I love capturing moments with friends and family during gatherings. It’s a wonderful way to keep those memories alive and look back on them later.

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2. Where do people often like to take photos?
People often like to take photos at various places, Such as tourist attractions like beaches, mountains, and parks are also favourite spots. Additionally, people enjoy capturing moments at significant events like weddings and festivals.

3. Who would like to take photos more often, young people or older people?
In my opinion, Young people generally take more photos, often using smartphones and social media to document their daily lives and share experiences with friends. For instance, they might capture moments like hanging out with friends or trying new activities. Older people tend to take photos less frequently but may prioritize significant events like family gatherings or vacations to preserve cherished memories.

4. Would you pay a lot of money to hire a photographer?
It depends on the occasion and the importance of the photos to me. If it’s a special event like a wedding or a milestone celebration, I might be willing to pay more for a professional photographer to ensure high-quality photos. However, for everyday photography needs, I may opt for more budget-friendly options or take photos myself.

5. Do you think being a photographer is a good job?
Yes, being a photographer can be a fulfilling job for many. For instance, imagine someone who loves traveling and capturing the beauty of different cultures. They could work as a travel photographer, exploring the world while doing what they love. It offers a unique blend of creativity, adventure, and the opportunity to share stories through captivating images.

6. On what occasions do people need formal photos?
People require formal photos for significant life events and professional purposes. These occasions include graduations, corporate events, job applications, family portraits, formal ceremonies, and professional portfolios.

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