Describe a time when you shared something with others cue card

Describe a time when you shared something with others cue card | 8 Band Sample

Describe a time when you shared something with others cue card | 8 Band Sample
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What you shared?

Who you shared with?

And explain how you felt about sharing it?

We all have a lot of things that we share with others at a certain point in time. Sharing is a very good habit that shows emotion and cares for others. It not only helps people but also creates a bond between individuals.
I remember one such incident when I shared my meal with another girl who forgot to bring her meal on that day. I saw her sitting idle during the lunch hour and inquired about taking the meal. She smiled and told me that she forgot to bring her lunch. Therefore, I shared my meal.
Usually, the lunch break in the university begins at 12.45 pm. But most of the time our classes end by 12.30 pm. On that day I had to attend a class at 2.30 pm. So, I brought the meal to have during lunch. In fact, the class was supposed to be held in the morning but the teacher – on the previous day, informed the class that he will take the class in the afternoon as he is unable to manage time in the morning for some other academic business. Accordingly, we all were prepared for the class. But she forgot about the class and made the mistake.   
I know Simran from the very first day and she is  now a close mate to me. So, I know about her struggling conditions. She left her home for some unavoidable reasons and with her ambition, she wants to grow. This is really a matter of pride and everyone cannot do so. it requires strong determination. I know that she might have forgotten to bring the lunch and if I do not share mine with her, I think she could not manage time before supper to take her meal. I felt a sense of relief by helping her. It was really a great mental satisfaction for me.


1.Do you like to share?

Yes, sharing things with others is a good feeling. I think especially if you have a lot of something and someone doesn’t have much or any then it’s a wonderful thing to be able to share something with them, even if it’s just some food or a smile.

2. What are the consequences if children don’t like to share?

I think it might be difficult for children to make new friends if they are hesitant to share. When children grow up, they might face even bigger problems. For example, when they are working in a company and they are asked to share their responsibilities with others. If they fail to do so, they might even lose their jobs.

3. How do you feel about sharing accommodations with others on campus?

I am an extrovert person and I love sharing things with others. I share my room with my friend. I remember when I was on my university campus, I shared my room with other students. I would love to share accommodation with people with the same mindset.

4. How could parents and teachers teach young children to share?

Parents and teachers can both share valuable insights into a child’s personality. Teachers can pass on information about how the child copes with a classroom environment and additional strengths and skills which they have uncovered through various activities.

5. Do people in your country (or, you) prefer to share public transport or do they (you) prefer to use private transport?

Well, it depends on person to person because different individuals have different opinions. Those who can afford it, like to use their own private transport. Others prefer public transport. It also depends on the availability and comfort of public transport.