Describe a drawing painting that you like Cue Card

Describe a drawing/painting that you like
Describe a drawing/painting that you like
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When you first saw the painting

What the painting is about

Who drew/ painted it

And explain why you like this drawing/painting


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Sheer dedication




Deeply rooted

Indian ethos

Indeed, paintings play a crucial role in our lives. One painting from Punjab that I truly admire is “The Harvest” by the renowned Punjabi artist Amrita Sher-Gil. I first encountered this masterpiece during a cultural festival in Amritsar, Punjab.

This painting beautifully captures a scene from rural Punjab during the harvest season. It’s a vibrant and expressive portrayal of hardworking farmers in the fields, their faces reflecting determination and sheer dedication. The lush green fields, golden crops, and the strong bond between the farmers and their land are vividly depicted in this artwork.

Amrita Sher-Gil, often considered one of the most important Indian painters of the 20th century, had a unique ability to infuse life and emotion into her subjects. Her art was deeply rooted in the Indian ethos, and she was particularly celebrated for her portrayals of rural life.

What I find special about “The Harvest” is how it shows the heart of Punjab’s farming culture and the determination of its people. The painting is a tribute to the unsung heroes who feed the nation through their labor. “They’re the ones who put bread on our table

I feel a strong connection to this artwork because it celebrates the beauty and respect for rural life., representing how crucial agriculture is for our communities. This painting reminds us how closely people are connected to the land. It makes us deeply appreciate the hardworking folks who tirelessly grow our food. “The Harvest” is not just a painting; it’s a sincere tribute to the soul of Punjab, and that’s why I value it so dearly.


What are differences between painting and drawing?

Painting involves using wet or liquid mediums like paints to create colorful and blended artworks, while drawing primarily uses dry mediums like pencils or charcoal to emphasize lines, shapes, and details.

Why do some people keep a painting for a long time?

Some people keep a painting for a long time because it holds personal significance or sentimental value, serving as a reminder of cherished memories, emotions, or experiences. Additionally, paintings can also appreciate in monetary value over time, making them a potentially lucrative investment for collectors.

How does building style affect people’s lives?

The style of a building can affect people’s lives by influencing how comfortable and convenient their living or working spaces are. For instance, well-designed buildings can provide better living conditions and functionality, while poorly designed ones may lead to discomfort and inconvenience.

Should children learn to draw and paint? Why?

Yes, children should learn to draw and paint because it helps them develop essential skills such as creativity, fine motor skills, and self-expression. These skills are important for their cognitive and emotional development, and they can also be a source of joy and relaxation.

How do young people share arts with others?

young people can share their art with others by displaying their creations at art exhibitions, posting them on social media, or teaching art to friends and peers. They can also collaborate with other artists, participate in contests, or even donate their art to charitable events to reach a broader audience and make a positive impact.

Do you think the object we use in our daily lives should be beautifully designed?

Yes, it’s nice when the things we use every day look good and work well. Beautifully designed objects can make our daily life more enjoyable and efficient.