How to get 7 band in Ielts writing

How to get 7 band in Ielts writing | How to improve your IELTS Writing
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Task 2

1.Make your introduction short.

Cut your introduction into minimum and save time and space for body paragraphs.

2. Don’t use big words.

Avoid sentence or words that are not related to the topic.

For example,

In this essay, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this issue and give my own opinion. (No idea what the topic is about)

In this essay, I will explain why the benefits of the (topic name) are far more significant than the threats associated with it.

3. Develop your ideas.

BAND 7 requirement – to present a clear position throughout the response.

4. Avoid irrelevant detail.

Band 5 for irrelevant

For example, Research conducted by Dr John Hardie from Western university shows


Research shows that

5. Don’t leave your essay without conclusion.

Much better than having no conclusion.

I believe the advantages of internet are far greater than its drawbacks.