Describe your favourite singer

How do know this singer

What this person is like

Do you think he/she is good?

Music is food of soul according to shakespeare. I have a number of favourite singers but I love one particular singer, Babbu MANN,  is an Indian singer-songwriter, actor and film producer. Maan’s primary objective crowd is the Punjabi populace of the world. Since 1999, he has released eight studio collections and more has composed screenplays for, acted in and created Punjabi films; and has contributed immensly to provincial and Bollywood film soundtracks. Most of his artistic work focuses on Punjabi music and films. He is a very successful and renowned singer around the world for the last three decades. Though POP music lovers mostly like his songs, a vast number of people whose first preference of music falls into other categories, also like him a lot. 
His music touches the hearts of millions of people around the world and though he is mainly a pop singer, he has fans of different ages and of different music choices. His vocal, musical performance and lyrics make him admirable singer. He is old singer of punjabi society. so, he knows the choice of people. He sung variety of songs. He is such a singer who called multi personality singer. Sometimes, he sings folk lore uses typical punjabi language and without usage of any instrument. His singing also reflects moral values. He teaches value of family, parents, home, relation and disaster of quarrels. No doubt, he is singing from longtime. His voice is energetic. As in hindi songs Lata Mangeshkar is a nightingale in the same way Babbu Mann has importance in punjabi songs. He is called voice of punjab. I have also been to one of his concerts in Chandigarh. He can satisfy every age group with his singing. I don’t want any improvement in his singing. He is a perfect singer. I pray to god that Babbu Mann continue his singing for long time and win the heart of punjabi.


1. Do singers play an important role in your country?

Every singer plays a different and necessary part in contributing to the overall health, development, and well-being of their society. They teach us cultural and traditional values. For instance, my favourite singer is Babbu Mann, Every time I hear one of his songs, I feel confident, uplifted, and ready to take on the world.

2.Do you think celebrities have lot of income?

Definitely, Nowadays celebrities make more money compared to people working in politics. with the advent of the Internet, there are more ways available for celebrities to earn money, such as online streaming services. For example, singing a song in a YouTube video with some advertisements enables them to easily make a few million dollars.

3. In your country, people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?

It depends on the personal taste. Generally speaking, teenagers like songs with fast beats and adults like songs with good lyrics and soft music. I think folk songs are very suitable for children because they keep children connected to our culture and tradition. As it is, today’s children are following the global culture and so, they need to be kept in touch with our traditional culture. Folk songs are a good way to connect with our culture.

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