Describe a time you made a promise to someone

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Whom did you make the promise to

What the promise was why you made the promise

Was the promise to achieve?

Well, I make promises when I know that I will accomplish it but there are many people who make promises but they don’t keep it. But still, I have made one promise to my mother and it was regarding my study. My mother always says to me that she doesn’t want me to become poor student. I remember, when I was in 9th class. My nature was different, I did not speak politely with anybody. I always fought with other and did not do laborious work also. I spent most of time in playing games instead of studying due to that I got bad result in my test. One day, my mother taught me that hard work is key to success if we did not do hard work then we cannot achieve our goal. She told me hard work is a key that can open any door. With hard  work and self dedication, anything can be achieved. As I was not polite, she taught me that one should be soft and sweet natured wins the heart of others. With no other options left for me and I have made a promise to her that I will do the hard work after that I will burn burn my mid night oil for my study.  I  got first position in my 10th class. I made new friends and teacher made me monitor. Today, Whenever I think about my past nature I feel bad. Finally, it’s been nearly  5 years since I made the promise, I am highly elated that I made the promise.

Follow – ups

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1. Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Not only Indian parents according to my perception all parents make promises to their kids. There are numerous type of promises such as buying new games, chocolates expensive gifts  if kids get good marks in exams. In addition to this, If parents make a promise to their child, keep it. Never promise something just to make them happy in the moment. 

2.Do children also make promises to their parents?

Definitely yes, children also make promises to their parents that they will respect the elders and complete their homework or assignment with in time. Furthermore, they will spend more time on study instead of playing computer games as well as they also promise to behave well in the absence of parents.

3. Do most people fulfill their promises?

To be honest, in my country few masses fulfill their promises. For example, Usually, during the election, the leaders make big promises to get attractive masses in their favor. However, these are just fake promises that are never heard of after the election. There are few leaders that actually work for the masses that actually fulfill their promises while others don’t. But it is difficult to distinguish between them.

4.How do feel when others break their promises?

It hurts me when individuals break their promises because I am emotional person. A broken promise may feel like a huge betrayal and you may find yourself feeling very resentful toward the other person. I believe that if we should not make promises if we cannot keep.