Describe an art exhibition that you visited.

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When you saw this exhibition

Where the exhibition was held

What was on display

And explain your impression of the exhibition?

I am generally quite busy in my hectic work schedule. Before Diwali, I went to Chandigarh, at sector 17. I attended an exhibition or a art gallery, which was based on clear cut picture of Sikh history. It was my first experience to see such kind of exhibition. The history of painter: he was only 45 years old. His name was A.R. Ahluwalia. He generally organizes exhibition or art gallery at different places. When I entered I saw big pictures of 10 gurus. All pictures were well coloured and well framed. The face expressions of gurus were very natural. At the back of portrait there was good combination of colors. The teachings of Guru Nanak Dev JI WERE there. Those were hand-written teachings and big in size. There were varieties of pictures of different gurudwaras like Hazoor Sahib, Nankana Sahib, and Hemkund Sahib and so on. Apart from it, a dashing portrait of Jahangir, Aurangzeb. I clicked numerous photographs there. When my parents told me about the exhibition, I wasn’t interested, and I thought that I would get really bored. But after visiting, I remember thanking my parents for taking me there. There I met with my neighbours also. I wanted to buy something from there but everything was on exhibition. These all things increased my knowledge. I would recommended others also to visit such kind of exhibition or art gallery. So for me, it was worth visiting the exhibition and  I will keep visiting such exhibitions in the future.

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1.How will museums change in the future?

I think that museums will become more modernized and more accurate. I think that they will have better and more interesting exhibits. The way they are set up and advertised I think will also improve so that they are more appealing to the general public. I think they will also have more interesting themes displayed and exhibited.

2. Are museums popular in India?

Not so popular. They are mostly for children or students. Sometimes you will see a whole family go to a museum or perhaps a young couple, but it is quite rare. Sometimes grandparents would take their grandchildren there.

3. Did you go to any museums when you were a child?

It was hard not to. I mean, it’s one of the ‘compulsory’ extra-curricular activities that we had back in primary school. We went to a different museum each year with the whole school, and nobody was allowed to be absent from this annual activity, even if you were sick that day.

4.  Do you think museums are important?

Though I’m not really a fan of museums, it’s quite impossible to deny the importance of these places. They hold all forms of evidence of a country’s historical development. Besides, what makes museums very special to our society, in my opinion, is the way they teach us to have gratitude and appreciation for things that happened in our country in the past.