Describe a valuable item that you would like to give as a gift

Describe a valuable item that you would like to give as a gift Cue Card

To whom you would like to give

What do you want to gift

Why do you want to give it

How long would you need to save for it.




Bosom buddy

Cup of cake


Glow of satisfaction


Myriad of



Well ,  Present is an item which a person gives to another one without any expectation . In this contemporary epoch , it becomes a trend to send gifts to near and dear and I am also the passenger of same lane.

Actually , I am planning to give a valuable gift to my bosom buddy , he is none other than  _____ . Honestly speaking , he belongs to a poor family so that is  why he still uses a keypad phone due to financial problem . 

We study together since our childhood  .  He often borrows my phone for the completion of his assignments or searching any other useful information  . As he is a brilliant student , I think phone will help him a lot in his education ( studies ) .

I decide  to give him  surprise  on his upcoming birthday .  I would like to give him  brand new samsung phone .  The model of the mobile is  Galaxy A14 . It is 5G phone with 8GB RAM which is extendable upto 16 GB  along with 128GB Storage .

Eventually, Saving money is not  cup of cake for me but still am saving money from last 10 months and save 15,000 rupees . I want to feel a  glow of satisfaction when my gift  will prove a boon for my best friend .

Follow ups

1.  What do you think young people save money for?

I opine that there are myriad of reasons behind the savings of youngsters .  Some invest  money to secure their future , whereas , few for their education . Most of them save it for parties , branded clothes , going to trip etcetera .

2) what is difference between men and women saving money?

 In my perspective , male  and females both save money and there is no difference between their savings other than amount of money. For instance, if I talk about my home country then most of the women are not working. So , they save money from household budget , while men save large amount of money from their salary.

3) Do you think it is better to spend money or save money?

I consider that both are equally important savings as well as spendings . If I talk about savings then they are crucial during the period of emergency such as health issues . On the flip side,  one can enjoy the life by spending money   . For example , people can plan their vacations ,  enjoy shopping . But the balance between two is mandatory.

4) Do you think children’s knowledge of money comes from school  or family ?

 I think that no one is  exception , neither school nor family to expand the knowledge regarding money . Both play  vital role .  Schools teach the students about calculations , interest , profit and loss , whereas from parents children learn the methods of savings , value of money and spending of money .

5) Do you think schools should increase their awareness of money?

Surely yes , it is an old saying that school is a temple of learning . So , it is the responsibility of the school to teach each and every factor of life . Schools must expand their awareness of money . There are several reasons behind it .Firstly , if students have enough financial knowledge then they will not face adverse consequences in their upcoming life . Secondly, they will compare the price of products by which they can save money. Moreover , they will learn about the proper use of money and do not waste their money . Apart from this , they will learn the management of budget.