Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information

Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information
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When you got it

How you got it

How you found it was incorrect

And how you felt about it


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1.Contemporary era

2. burnt mid night oil

3. surfing

4. down in the dumps

5. mentor

6. principal

7. myriad of

8. hoax sites

9. ocean of knowledge

In this contemporary era, people use the internet on a daily basis as it is an ocean of information. I am also using internet for many purposes like study, online transactions and so on. Here, I would like to shed some light on a situation when I received wrong data.

Actually, I still remember when I was in 10th standard, I used to make some presentation related to history which was given to me by my teacher. While preparing for presentation, I burnt my midnight oil in gathering crucial facts from books, but it was not sufficient for my project.

Moreover, I was surfing internet regarding some past incidents. I found some information and used it for presentation. Within a week, I completed my assignment in order to submit in the school. When I got result of this assignment, I got lower grades. At that time, I felt down in the dumps.

Besides this, I asked from my teacher about the reasons behind my lower grades. Then, my tutor told me that the information was not relevant. Apart from this, my mentor advised me to trust on reliable sites instead of any fake website.

 Furthermore, in the next presentation, I collected important dates from books and trustworthy websites which gave me the better result. Also, I got praise not only by my classmates but also by my teachers. From that day, I mostly prefer to use sites with correct information. All in all, that was an occasion when I got incorrect information.

Follow ups —

1.What kind of profession are related to giving information to others?

Well, there are myriad of professions which are popular to convey information to others. Firstly, the media is the principal source for gaining knowledge for the public. What is more, advertisements that are published in the newspaper and also on the internet are the best way to send knowledge over the whole world.

2.What is the difference between giving information by phone and email?

According to me, there is a huge difference between both of them either it is giving information by phone calls or by email. On the one hand, people can ignore emails by mistake which causes serious issues for the public. On the other hand, if people make phone calls, they can listen all the things very carefully without any delay.

3. How can people check whether a piece of information is correct or not?

 As far as I am concerned, there are many measures to confirm that the information is relevant or not. The predominant reason is that people can take advise from their elder ones. Apart from this, they can rely on trustworthy websites rather than hoax sites.

4.  Do people trust the information online?

I think all the citizens can post anything on the internet. Most of the people use these websites on their daily basis, but it depends on people that they choose those websites which contain relevant information. Moreover, they don’t trust websites blindly. They can trust websites if they know about it beforehand.