Describe a time you got lost in a place you did not know about Cue card

Describe a time you got lost in a place you did not know about Cue card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2021

Describe a time you got lost in a place you did not know about Cue card | 8 Band Sample
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When did it happen?

Who was with you?

What did you do?

How you felt about it?

Well, I am a travel freak person and I like to visit different places around the country as well as the world. I always visit different places.


Well, I am fond of traveling and I always try to explore new places in my country. And talking about getting lost, I don’t get lost usually, But I vividly remember I, once, got lost at an unknown place, but the scenario was funny and weird at the same time.
Actually, my bosom friend shifted to a new house and he invited my whole family for the house warming party. Where I met my school-time friends.
In the evening, I started playing hide and seek with them. It was my favorite childhood game. -We even used to play this game at a friend’s old house but we were familiar with every nook and corner.
On the other hand, even my friend did not clearly know the directions to his new house. Even though we were playing at a place which was near the new house, in the process of hiding in the game, I didn’t realize when I went to the unfamiliar place.
I was just hiding there quietly. When even after 10 minutes no one was able to seek me, I decided to have a peek at others. Only then I realized that I might have lost touch with my friends. As I was young at that time, I got so scared and started crying. Many people from the neighborhood gathered there and started enquiring about me. On seeing strangers, I got more scared. Luckily, I saw my friend’s father coming towards me. He was there to find me because kids were not able to locate me for 10 minutes. When I reached home, I got to know that I was just two blocks away from my friend’s home. Now whenever we recall that incident, we have a hearty laugh.
Describe a time you got lost in a place you did not know about Cue card | 8 Band Sample my to august 2021


1. Do you often get lost?

No, I do not often get lost. I use Google maps whenever I go to a new place. But sometimes Google Maps mixed up the streets and took me to the wrong street. As I am a really sensitive person I find it scary to get lost in a place you don’t know about.

2. Is map-reading skill important?

Map reading and map drawing are important skills to learn in geography.  Maps also help us to know distances so that we know how far away one thing is from another. We need to be able to estimate distances on maps because all maps show the earth or regions within it as a much smaller size than their real size.

 3. Are some people good at map-reading than others?

Well, everyone has a different ability. One study suggested that men are better at reading maps than women. Brain scans had shown that men have more connections between the left and right hemispheres of their brains, which is associated with spatial ability.

4.  Why some people like traveling to other places?

Traveling is tremendously fun and exciting, but it has one unique benefit that keeps people going: travel is the single best self-development tool. Moreover, Some people love traveling, and they are always interested in new places and their culture; that is why they travel from one place to another.

5.  Should they find information about the place before going there?

Yes,  When people are traveling to another country, they need to know the necessary information. This is because different countries have different beliefs, culture and rules and regulations. If they are doing research, they will know what is expected of them. For example, they check the weather of that place and then pack clothes accordingly.