Describe a time when you are waiting for something special that would happen | Cue Card | Sep-Dec 2021

Describe a time when you are waiting for something special that would happen Cue Card
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what you waited for

Where you waited

Why it was special

And explain how you felt when you were waiting

This is a famous quote everything happens on time. Waiting is always unpleasant but we cannot avoid it. Sometimes we are to wait even we do not want to.
I have waited many times for different things, but here I would like to talk about a time when I had to wait for something special When I was in 12th standard, There was this one time I had to wait for my friends, which was so special.
It was my birthday and I had invited a group of friends to a coffee house to celebrate it. We were scheduled to meet there at 8 that evening. I was so eager that I came early. Certainly, none of them were there, but it was easy to understand because I was early. However, I waited for half an hour, but nobody showed up, and then I started to feel uncomfortable and worried. As I was losing my patience, I began to call each of them to ask why they had not come yet. To my surprise, none of them picked up the phone. I was really fed up, as you can imagine because it was my birthday and my friends had treated me like that.
I waited for a couple more minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and decided to leave. As soon as I called the waiter for the bill, I heard the “Happy birthday” song start-up in the coffee house. Out of nowhere, all of my friends suddenly appeared with a birthday cake. They hugged me and wished me a happy birthday. It was such a surprise. My anger quickly gave way to laughter and we had an unforgettable night chatting until the early hours, drinking coffee, and, of course, eating cake.


1. On what occasions do people usually need to wait?

I have accepted the act of “waiting” to be a part of our normal life and we have to wait for many of the situations in our life. For instance, when we order food at a restaurant or when we need to travel by public transport. In general, if the situation or the task requires two or more people to complete it, then the waiting factor kicks in automatically.

2. Who behaves better when waiting for children or adults?

Nowadays children want everything in few seconds so according to me, they are not good at waiting because they have a lack of patience. However, I think adults have more patience when it comes to waiting because they are more mature and from their past experience they know that some things are worth the wait.

3. Compared to the past are people less patient now, why?

Yes, that’s pretty true…. Actually, in earlier times there were no smartphones …no metro…no flights even… because of which people had a tendency to wait they had enough patience inside them but nowadays when people know that our lives are much faster than before then why to wait??…this is the main cause of the decrease of patience level in people…

4. What are the positive and negative effects of waiting on society?

From a positive point of view, I think that it helps to develop patience in people and society becomes more tolerant. When people are willing to wait for others, it shows that they care for them. From a negative perspective, I think waiting can have disastrous effects sometimes. For example, if we have to wait long for an ambulance, the consequences can be fatal.