Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with Cue Card

Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with
Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with
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Who this person is

When you studied/worked with this person

What you did together

What this person did to become successful

 And explain how you felt about studying or working with this person

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  1. Social butterfly
  2. Fame
  3. Renowned
  4. Initiated
  5. Remarkable
  6. Pleasure
  7. Extremely excited
  8. Relentless  
  9. Unwavering commitment
  10. Assist
  11. Underprivileged
  12. Over the moon
  13. Never miss the boat

 Honestly, I consider myself a social butterfly, that is why I enjoy interacting with various personalities. This not only helps me develop my skills but also provides me with opportunities to learn something new. Today, I would like to shed some light on a specific time when I had the chance to work with a highly successful and famous individual, none other than Anmol Kwatra.

He is a renowned charity worker and social media influencer who manages multiple charity organizations. He initiated his NGO six years ago and, despite being only 21 years old, has accomplished remarkable work that serves as an inspiration to others, motivating them to contribute to the betterment of society.

I had the pleasure of meeting him during my school days when my school organized a volunteer camp for students to collaborate with him in assisting those in need.

My classmates and I were extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Anmol Kwatra. It was a significant opportunity for us, and we were eager to participate. Together, we engaged in various activities, including providing food and clothing to those in need, and we also planned the planting of various flowers and fruit trees as part of our initiative.

He gained fame through his relentless hard work, primarily through his NGO. His dedication and the unwavering commitment of his team have made them well-known figures. Their primary objective is to assist underprivileged communities by providing essential necessities. Anmol’s inspirational journey motivates everyone to aspire to achieve great things in the future.

While working with him, I felt like I was over the moon because he is a cooperative person, and I genuinely enjoyed it a lot. In the future, if I get this kind of opportunity again, I’ll never miss the boat.


1. Is money the only measure of success in your country?

In my country, money is not the only measure of success. According to me, there are several other measures available to establish success, and money is just one of them. It doesn’t matter how rich or wealthy one is ; what truly matters is  talent and  achievements, which determine one’s success. Money is undoubtedly one of the factors and an important one at that, but it is not the sole determinant of success.

2. How do you define whether one is a successful person?

Success indeed varies from person to person, but for many, it is often associated with reaching a higher position in life. In general terms, success is the attainment of a desired goal, whether it be gaining recognition and fame, or obtaining advanced degrees, all of which require one’s utmost effort and dedication.

3. What is the standard of success in your country?

In India, success can be seen in diverse ways and varies from person to person. While financial success and career accomplishments are commonly valued, factors like family values, education achievements, and social recognition are also important indicators of success for many individuals.

4. Is there a contradiction between success and happiness?

No, there is not necessarily a contradiction between success and happiness. While success can often contribute to happiness, it’s important to note that they are distinct concepts, and individuals can experience one without the other depending on their personal values and circumstances.

5. Is it easy to succeed in the national tests in your country?

Succeeding in national tests in my country can be challenging for many due to the competitive nature of these exams. There is no doubt that  success typically requires significant preparation, dedication, and a strong grasp of the subject matter.

6. What are the factors that influence student’s grades at school?

Student grades in school can be influenced by factors such as effective study habits, the quality of teaching, support from the home environment, and the student’s level of motivation and personal circumstances. These factors collectively impact a student’s academic performance and outcomes.