Describe a time when you insulted your teacher cue card

Describe a time when you insulted your teacher
Describe a time when you insulted your teacher
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• When it happened 

° Where it happened 

• how it happened

• how you solved it 

• how you feel about that situation 

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1. Encountered

2. Unintentionally

3. vividly

4. Unfortunately

5. crucial

6. Inappropriate

7. Remorseful/ down in the dumps 

8. Apologize

9. Regret 

10. Sigh of relief

11.  pledged

12. ensuring

13. ultimately

Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous teachers, the majority of my experiences  were over the moon, there have been instances where things did not go well. Undoubtedly, teachers play a crucial or part and parcel role in everyone’s life, and students generally hold great respect for their educators. However, today I would like to shed some light on a negative experience when I unintentionally insulted one of my teachers.

I vividly recall an incident during my 10th standard. Our English teacher, Mrs.Suman, organized a debate on the benefits of online shopping. Unfortunately, a disagreement arose between Mrs. Suman and me during the debate. I spoke loudly and displayed an arrogant attitude, which, upon reflection, I realized completely inappropriate.

After Mrs. Suman left the class, I recognized the unacceptability of my actions, and I felt remorseful/down in the dumps. Acknowledging/ knowing that I am not a such kind of person who disrespects others, I made a conscious decision to apologize to my teacher. Approaching her, I conveyed my regret and offered a sincere apology.

She understood my situation and accepted my apology, which provides me sighof relief for me. More so, the atmosphere shifted from sadness to happiness, and I pledged to learn from this experience, ensuring I did not repeat such a mistake in my future .

Ultimately, this incident served as a valuable lesson, highlighting the importance of respect and thoughtful behaviour, especially towards those who dedicate themselves to educating and guiding us.