Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else Cue Card

Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else
Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else
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What the activity was

Who you were with

When and where it happened

Why you went for it

And explain how you felt about it

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Extreme sports


Passenger of same lane





Fish out of water

Over the moon

Certainly, in this modern era, adventure activities are booming day by day. Due to this, many people are engaging in these activities, and I am a passenger of same lane. Today, I would like to share my amazing experience with you, and it is none other than scuba diving.

Indeed, scuba diving is a water sport that involves breathing air from a tank while underwater. I vividly remember the first time I enjoyed this activity with my bosom buddy, Raman. After completing our senior secondary education, we made a plan to partake in this activity in Goa, as Goa is renowned for these kinds of adventure sports.

Additionally, both of us are avid explorers who share a passion for adventure sports. Furthermore, since my friend Raman had a fear of water, I believed that scuba diving could be an excellent opportunity for him to overcome his phobia. So, during last year’s summer vacation, Raman and I traveled to Goa to give it a try. Initially, when we arrived in Goa, we were both greatly impressed because its beauty left a profound impact on us.

Interestingly, both of us were quite excited about this amazing experience, but our excitement was mixed with a slight sense of nervousness. In the initial stages, I felt like a fish out of water, but with the guidance of experts, we successfully accomplished it.

Speaking honestly, it was a wonderful experience for me because I truly enjoyed it, and Raman was also over the moon.

Follow – ups

What kinds of activities do young people like to do?

Young people often enjoy social activities like hanging out with friends, playing video games, and going to parties. They also engage in hobbies like sports, music, or exploring new places to have fun and relax.

Why do some young people like adventurous activities?

Some young people enjoy adventurous activities because they find them thrilling and exciting, providing a break from routine and a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, adventure can also help them push their boundaries, gain confidence, and create memorable experiences.

Do you think old people accept changes?

From my perspective, the acceptance of change among older individuals varies widely. Some older people are open to change and adapt, while others may be more resistant due to their familiarity with established routines and technologies.

How do exciting activities relieve people’s stress?

Undoubtedly, exciting activities give people a break from their usual routine, making them feel refreshed and less stressed. The thrill and new experiences help relax the mind and body.

Can you give some examples of adventurous or risky activities?

Certainly, examples of  risky activities include skydiving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, and extreme sports like base jumping or free solo climbing. These activities involve a level of danger and excitement that some people find thrilling.

What skills do people need to take part in adventurous activities?

To participate in adventurous activities safely, people typically need skills such as physical fitness, knowledge of the specific activity and its equipment, problem-solving abilities, and risk assessment skills. Additionally, they should have good communication and teamwork skills when participating in group adventures to ensure safety and cooperation.