Describe a place away from your home and you want to visit in the future

Describe a place away from your home and you want to visit in the future | 8 Band Sample
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Where you would like to go

When you would like to go

Who you want to go with

And explain why you want to visit the place.


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1 curious

2 hectic schedule

3. rejuvenate

4. get rid of

5. scorching heat

6. unwind

7. hit the road

8. scenic views

9. over the moon

10 canicular days

Travelling is the best place which takes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to see, taste and try new things. Here I would like to talk about a place where I would visit in the future. It is none other than hill station, Dalhousie which is 120 km away from my home.

Actually, I am curious to explore new places and have keen desire to go Dalhousie not only with my parents but also with my siblings. We are planning to have trip to Dalhousie in the near future during next month.

Moreover, I am really excited as well as counting down the days until my trip to Dalhousie. To be honest, nowadays I have hectic schedule owing to my study and don’t have much time to rejuvenate myself. Therefore, all of my family members decide to go there to get rid of scorching heat.

Besides this, the main motive to explore hill station is to relax and unwind our minds from crowdedness. Furthermore, we are planning to hit the road at early morning in order to reach at our destination on proper time so that we would explore all the scenic views without any issue of time.

What is more, I would get golden opportunity to grab knowledge about distinct cultures together with languages. I have never visited to any mountain area, but I would feel over the moon by going to area which is covered with snow. All in all, that is the place where I want to visit in the future.


  1. Where do people love to go on holidays/vacations?

As far as I am concerned, it depends on the choice of person. During canicular days, they prefer to go to hill stations instead of any other tourist place in order to have relief from sun rays. In contrast, in the winterish season, people find the suitable place to explore where environment is warm.

2.   how does tourism lead to cultural exchange?

Well, there is a direct relationship between tourism and cultural exchange. In terms of travelling, when people have journey to unique places, they can learn about lifestyle of a particular place by communicating with others. Apart from this, people also tell about their own culture to natives while travelling. So, that is the reason how tourism can make the way for exchanging rituals around the world.