12 june ielts exam Full Explanation

12 june ielts exam | IELTS Exam Full Explanation
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Some people think that it is necessary to use animals for test medicines or other products intended for human use. Others, however, criticise this as animal cruelty. Discuss both of these views’ cruelty. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Issues related to animal experimentation are frequently discussed these days, particularly in the media. While some people assert that it is ethically wrong and unacceptable, but others think opposite to it. I believe that their sacrifice should be continued in order to create a better and healthier world.
There are many animal lovers who assert that scientists should stop using live creatures for experimentation as they believe it is morally wrong and cruel and people have no right to exploit other organisms for their benefits. Aside from that, they opine that there are some alternative ways to replace those animal subjects in tests. For example, a computer program which shows the suitability of a new drug on the human immune system can be used for medical research. This way, animals would no longer suffer from medical experimentations and people would still be able to benefit from the medical advancements.
12 june ielts exam | IELTS Exam Full Explanation
Nevertheless, the contribution animals have made to the medical improvement is significant, and as yet there is no alternative method that can provide the same result as animals do in medical research. Although some computer programs are being used to conduct clinical trials their results often fail when the drug is administered on humans. Moreover, while people derive benefits from animal experimentations, other forms of wild life also benefit from the test results as those animals may also suffer from the similar diseases that people experience such as Cancer and Asthma.
In conclusion, there are convincing arguments both for and against animal tests. Although exploiting those animal lives seems cruel, their sacrifice is essential for the long-term survival of human and other live organisms.