Useful Idioms for IELTS

Useful Idioms for IELTS

1. Burn the midnight oil

To work late in the night

2. On cloud nine

If you’re on cloud nine, you’re very happy.

3. Under a cloud

If you’re under a cloud, you’re under suspicion or in trouble.

4.A piece of cake

If something is a piece of cake, it’s easy to do.

5. Miss the boat/ bus

To miss an opportunity

6. All the rage

(very fashionable)

7.  Twenty-four seven

(at any time)

8. Hit the roof 

(become very angry)

9. Down in the dumps 


10. Take it easy 


Useful Idioms for IELTS

11.  To have A WHALE OF A TIme

To have a very fun and exciting time

12.  Once in a blue moon

Happens very rarely.

13. Costs an arm and a leg

Really expensive.

14.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do

When you are doing something new, act like others do in that situation.

15. On the same page

Two people are in agreement about a situation.

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