Ielts Writing Task 2 positive or negative development

Ielts Writing Task 2 positive or negative development | IELTS Task 2 opinion essay

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In future it is expected that there will be higher proportion of older people in some countries.

Is this positive or negative development?

It is true that nowadays people in industrialized nations can expect to live longer than ever before. Some countries would face more older people in future. I believe that this trend could have negative effects on these countries’ development.

To begin with, older people can have a significant impact on countries economy. First and foremost, they rely on a pension and do not go to work. So, more older people mean government have to arrange more money for their pensions, which means financial lost to that country. Secondly, government have to support them, for example, by giving them discount for electricity bills, water bills and for other requirements. As a result, economy of that specific country could suffer.

In addition, health authorities could face serious challenge, if number of old age people will increase in future. Hospital admissions might be higher and waiting list could be long for some procedures and operations. In this case, more likely that mortality rates could go up, if patients with serious illnesses will not get an appointment on the time. Second major problem that health authorities could experience is with financial budget as older people require more free screening examinations, for examples, vaccines, blood test. For these screening programs health sectors have to spend large amount money.

Lastly, unemployment rates could rise for some of the fields such as nursery. Parents will not send their children to nursery because of availability of grandparents at home.

In Conclusion, in my opinion, it is inevitable that countries development might suffer, if older people’s figure will rise in future as they put pressure on some of the departments of that country such as financial and health.