IELTS Speaking Topic noise | Part 1

IELTS Speaking Topic noise | Part 1

1.Do you like to stay in a place with a lot of noise?

No, I don’t like to live in a place with a lot of noise because I always prefer to stay where the environment is calm and quiet. Additionally, living in a noisy place is quite challenging for me.

2 What kinds of noises are there in the area where you live?

Well, in my town, there are various types of noises, including traffic horns and noises from construction sites. Additionally, during parties or functions, we also hear loudspeakers and music playing.

3. Do you want to move to a quieter places ?

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer living in quieter places. If I were to have the opportunity, I would reside in a quieter place, as residing in a peaceful environment is beneficial for both mental and physical well-being. It also offers a sense of relief from my hectic schedule.

4. Do you think there is too much noise in today’s world?

In this modern era, the level of noise is increasing day by day, primarily due to the higher number of vehicles on the roads. Nowadays, there are too many cars on the roads, and people often do not opt for bicycles or public transportation, leading to excessive noise pollution. This noise is harmful to both humans and animals.

5. Is making noise one of people’s rights?

No, I don’t believe making excessive noise is a right of people because it disturbs others and is not considerate behavior. Noise disturbances can lead to various problems, including complaints to higher authorities and conflicts among individuals.