Ielts Speaking Part 1 Topic concentration

1.When do you concentrate?

I believe the two most important times when I concentrate are when I’m driving and when I’m taking an exam.  While behind the wheel, if I don’t fix my attention on the road, I’ll run the risk of getting into an accident.  And on examinations, such as this one, deep concentration will help me to perform better.

2.Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

Well, being tired or being under the weather can have an influence on my level of concentration. In a worsened physical state it is much harder to force myself to focus on something. Also, when I’m worried, my mind can become blurred. Disturbance also makes it hard for me to concentrate.

3.Do you think you can do two things at the same time?

I think that this depends on the complexity or importance of the activity. For simple routine tasks around the home, it’s not a problem. As a matter of fact, I prefer doing it as it can save time. But for major responsibilities, such as during big work assignments, I like to devote my full attention by doing one thing at a time to avoid any errors.

4.How do you concentrate?

To make myself concentrate better, I like to remove things that distract me.  For instance, during my reading time, I actually turn off my smart phone and keep my laptop hidden. I also like to set some short-term aims with time restrictions.  This helps me to be more mindful and focused about what I’m doing.

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