IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Bag

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Bag | May to August 2023 Cue Card
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  1. Do you like bags?

Of course, I do, I think bag is extremely best in order to carry our belongings. I have multiple sorts of bag such handbag, backpack , sling bag and many more.

2. What types of bags do you like ?

I love several  type of bags, however, one of the most favorite bag is backpack, this is because I can carry my personal things easily.

3. Do you usually carry a bag(when you go out)?

Yes, I frequently carry a bag when I think keeping all thing in a bag is really piece of cake.

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4. What types of bags do you use ( in your everyday life)?

Well, I have huge collection of bags which I use for various purposes like I use handbag for carrying my cellphone along with other stuff.

5. Do you have different bags for different occasions ( or different purposes)?

To be honest, it depends on my mood.  Sometimes I  prefer to carry sling bag as it not only enhances my look but also convenient for me .

6. What do you put in these bags?

I carry various items in my bag. I usually carry my house keys, car keys and other stuff that I need throughout the day.

7. What sorts of bags do women like to buy?

Women have diverse preferences when it comes to bags, and their choices depend on various factors such as personal style , occasion, functionality, and current fashion trends.

Here are some types of bags that women often like to buy;  sling bags, shoulder bags, clutches and many more.

8. Is a bag an ideal gift?

Yes,  bags are functional and useful items that people use everyday. Whether it’s for carrying personal belongings, work items, or travel essentials, a bag provides a convenient way to organize items.

9. Did you use backpack when you were a child?

Yes, I  did use backpack in my school time  because I put my all stationary, books and lunch box in my bag.

10. What kind of bags would you use when travelling?

I prefer to use backpacks because these bags are versatile and convenient for both short and long trips. Also, backpacks often have multiple compartments, may even include features like hidden pockets.

11. Do you change your bags often?

Yes, Being a fashion freak, I own several bags, and I use them on various occasions. That’s why I change my bag after a month.