How to improve part 1 speaking questions

ielts speaking
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  1. Practice answering common questions.

Home, hometown, Friends, like/ dislike

2. Development relevant vocabulary

Boring – monotonous

Teacher – mentor

Villagers – dwellers

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Tired – fatigued, exhausted

3. Give detailed answer instead of providing short , one word answers, elaborate ideas at least 2-3 sentences

  1. How important are friends to you?

Being a social butterfly, I have good friend circle and they matters to me a lot as they always stick by my side in my thick and thin situations.

4. Use a range of grammatical structures.

5. Improve pronunciation

Know – now

Ice cream – ess cream

Asked – asked

Accept- expect- except

 Don’t break letters

6. Maintain good eye contact and body language.

7. Be an active listener.

8. Practice speaking fluently.


 Let me think, well

9. Time yourself

10. Seek feedback and review——-teacher

Consistent effort and determination.

Make sure be natural