IELTS 24 April prediction

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Listening    (AC  & GT)

Part 1    Fill-ups  (easy)

Part 2    Map, Multiple choice questions

Part 3    Large multiple choice questions (easy to moderate)

Part 4    One word fill-ups

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overall    (easy to moderate)

Reading   academic

passage 1  Fill-ups, list of headings   (easy to moderate)

passage 2  paragraph matching, T/F/NG (Moderate)

passage 3   summary completion, multiple choice, match the information   (Moderate)

overall moderate

GT reading

passage 1  T/F/NG, Fill-ups   (easy)

Passage 2  Short question answer, multiple choice (easy to moderate)

passage 3  Sentence completion, Yes/no/not given, List of headings

overall   (easy to moderate)

AC Writing 

task 1  Table, bar, pie, map

GT task 1  

Formal letter

Task 2    Education, health, crime, society, technology

Discuss both views, Advantages / disadvantages