Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study Cue Card

Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study Cue Card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024

Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study Cue Card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024
Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study Cue Card | 8 Band Sample | May to August 2024
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• Where it is
• What it is like
• When you go there
• What you study there
• And explain why you would like to study in this place


1. Uphill task – a difficult task
2. Hustle and bustle- a noisy, busy, and hectic environment
3. Encounter – face
4. Just a stone’s throw away – very near
5. Broaden- improve
6. Contemporary era- modern era
7. Elegant- stylish

We all know that finding a peaceful place is an uphill task in this contemporary era due to modernization and noise pollution. But still, certain places are far away from hustle and bustle. One of them is a library where I prefer to go for doing studying which recently opened in the heart of my hometown. I was walking in the air when I came to know about the news of this library as before there was no such kind of public amenity in my hometown.
Firstly, if I talk about the external structure of the library, it is elegant and classy. Walls are farmed in wood. In addition, two guards politely welcome visitors. Moreover, there is also one librarian who keeps the records of visitors and books as well. People do not encounter difficulty in finding any kind of book because different types of sections are available for finding distinct subjects like stories, history-related books, poetry, and many more. If I talk about the furniture, it is really comfortable, so that is why visitors can sit there for a long period without being bored or uncomfortable.
Most of the time, I visit there in the evening time because it is just a stone’s throw away from my hometown. I am fond of reading books because I think books are like a good friend for everyone and it opens the door for individuals to broaden the horizon of their knowledge. Being an art student, I mostly read books related to history, and in the library, I get extra information regarding my subjects. Instead of this, I also read different kinds of books like stories, autobiographies, politics related, and so on.
The reason why I prefer to go there is the serene environment which helps me to concentrate, on my studies without distracting by noise. If anyone creates a noise in the library then they have to be fine for their action. Hence, the library is the best choice for me to study. I always suggest my friends and close ones go there to learn something new. All in all, it is the place where I prefer to go to study.

1. Do you like to learn on your own or with others?
I find value in both independent learning and collaborative learning. While I appreciate the freedom and focus of self-study, I also enjoy the diverse perspectives and shared insights that come from learning with others. Ultimately, my approach depends on the subject matter and my learning goals at the time.

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2. What’s the difference between learning face-to-face with teachers and learning by yourself?
Learning face-to-face with teachers involves direct instruction, immediate feedback, and interactive engagement, fostering a structured and collaborative learning environment. In contrast, learning by oneself relies on individual initiative, self-discipline, and independent exploration of resources, offering flexibility but requiring greater self-motivation and time management skills.

3. Do you prefer to study at home or study in other places?
I prefer studying at home because I have all my resources readily available and can create a comfortable study environment. For example, I can access my textbooks, notes, and online resources easily, and I can adjust the lighting and temperature to my liking. This helps me stay focused and productive during study sessions.

4. What are the benefits of gaining work experience while studying?
Gaining work experience while studying offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, enhancing their understanding and practical skills. Secondly, work experience enhances students’ employability by providing valuable industry connections and references. Lastly, it helps students explore different career paths and make informed decisions about their future.

5. Do most people like to study in a noisy place?
No, most people prefer to study in quiet environments as it allows for better concentration and focus. For example, students often choose libraries or quiet study rooms to minimize distractions and maximize productivity during study sessions.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying with other people?
Studying with others can be advantageous as it facilitates collaboration, fosters motivation, and encourages the exchange of ideas. However, studying with others can also be disadvantageous as it may lead to distractions, conflicts, and difficulties in maintaining focus.

Describe an indoor or outdoor place where it is easy for you to study (YouTube Video)