Describe a time when you lost your way Cue Card

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When and where did it happen

How did you feel when you were lost

How did you find  your way out.


Eidetic  memory

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Pins and needles  nervous



Over the moon




Being a person with an eidetic memory I have never lost anything. But sometimes moving to a new place have the consequence of losing my way. I vividly remember a time when I was lost, i was in the 10th standard. My school has organized the trip to Jaipur.

I went there with my friends as well as my teachers. On the next day of the trip when we went to see the Nahargarh Fort. The fort has a lot of doors which I was a little perplexed or confused.

Me and my friends went further on that journey but after sometime I lost my way because I went at the last door of the fort and my friends were on the other side. I was on pins and needles.

when I reached there I was scared because I cannot see even a single person nearby me.

After that, I started moving further to find my way. It was too scary and I was terrified because on my way I saw too many insects which I am scared off.

I was going on my way where I met a person who was the guide of that fort. I felt over the moon talking to him about the way and I told him my problem.

He tackled my problem within seconds as he told me that moving towards the last door of that fort is the way where I will reach my friends. I took my mind off by listening to that and I went further.

After passing the door I met my friends and my teachers and they told me that they were finding me in the whole fort, I told them the whole story and after finding them I felt serene.

It was all about the journey where I lost my way and found it with the help of a guide.


How do people feel when they get lost?

  1. As per my perspective, different people have different moods . The people who gets nervous very quickly feel scared after being lost. Whereas, people who do not get nervous they do not care much about these problems.

2. Are some people better at orienting themselves?

Yes, there are numerous people who are good at finding directions. They can easily draw a map in their minds.

3. Are young people more reliant on their phones than older people to find their way?

 Yes definitely, older ones have a sharp memory in finding their ways while the younger ones are completely dependent on their cell phones.

4. Are young people gradually losing their ability to orient themselves?

 I think the ability is not disappearing completely. But these days, we rely on google maps. If one lose their way, they can find it.

5. With mobile phones and these electronic products with navigation, is it difficult for people to get lost?

By no means, its not difficult to lose the way with E-maps as it helps in all ways to the destination. But in some situations it may be possible that individual may get lost.

6. What kinds of problems do old people have when they get lost?

I think old people are not much familiar with technology. So they can take help of a person as people in India are much helpful and guide them with their problems.

7. Some people like to walk around without navigation, is there any problem?

As per my standpoint, it may not create any problem.  But it may be risky at some times as there are some areas that are not safe as well as it is a waste of time.