Describe a speech you gave Cue Card

Describe a speech you gave | May to August cue card 2023 | 8 Band Sample
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When and to whom you gave the speech

What was the speech about

Why gave the speech

How did you feel about it.


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Unforgettable moment



Plethora of




In my school times, I mostly participated in speech competitions and always stood at first position. Here, I would like to talk about a memorable moment when I delivered a speech in front of the whole school.

I vividly remember, when I was in class 10th, I was chosen by my class teacher to deliver a speech on the occasion of independence day.

My class teacher helped me in preparing the speech two days before the event. On the final day, in my school, the principal announced my name and I went up for my speech. I was quite nervous because speaking to a huge crowd requires a lot of self-confidence. During the speech, I discussed about all the freedom fighters and their sacrifices. After starting, I greeted everyone.

Moreover, I told about history, culture of India, patriotism, festivals and many more. Additionally, I spoke about the unity of Indians as well as how Indian people did not give up. Eventually, we all felt proud of being an Indian.

Overall, I felt a great sense of satisfaction after delivering the speech. The day holds a special place in my memory as it was an unforgettable moment.


1 Why do people get nervous when they speak in public?

Well, there are numerous reasons that’s why some individuals get nervous. Firstly, they lack confidence and knowledge. Secondly, people who are introvert, don’t like to interact with others.

2 How can they improve their public speaking skills?

As per my standpoint, there are plethora of ways by which public speaking skills can be improved. One must gain more knowledge about different topics. Moreover, they should build confidence so as to speak in front of audience.

3 What different kinds of speeches or lectures have you attended in your life?

Well, I have attended different speeches and lectures in my life that includes an information about management, many social issues and so on at different places such as temples, schools, churches and many more.

4. what qualities should these visiting speakers have?

A good speaker should have many attributes, like high confidence level, detailed knowledge about the topic, and a good interaction power with the public where they show an involvement.

5 Why do you many people find it hard to give a talk to young children?

Many individuals find it hard because children have a very short attention. While delivering a speech, they easily get distracted and finds difficult to concentrate constantly. Apart from this, they are immature to understand it properly.

6 Why do people give speech to children?

There are motivational speeches being delivered to children so as to influence them, teach them moral values. This is to let them perform better in their future.

7 who makes people do so?

Well, it depends where the children is. The motivators could be their parents, teachers or any other government authorities.

8. How media relates to the speech to children in school?

Media plays very crucial role in one’s life. They can spread the news or speeches through publishing them in the newspapers or magazines by broadcasting on television.