Describe A Special Hotel You Stayed In | IELTS Latest Cue Cards 2021 | 8 Band Sample

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Describe a special hotel you stayed in cue card with answer | cue card Jan to Apr 2021 with follow up question

Where it is

What it is like

Why you went there

And you felt about it?

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I am a student, so I do not get a lot more chance to visit new places and stayed in hotels. But, here I am going to talk about a hotel that I visited last year with my family during summer vacations. 

The hotel’s name is the ‘ The Taj’. Taj Chandigarh is the finest luxury hotel in Chandigarh and is well-suited to both business and leisure travellers. The main feature of this resort is, it is very close to the railway station and the airport. 

Room prices are very affordable. Hotel management provides special services for kids, such as they provide children care service and children’s activity area with full security. 

It is the best of wedding parties, private dinners, and conferences. 

One and a half years ago, in June, I went there with my family because one of my friends suggested it and told me about the various services that the hotel provides at a minimum price. 

         We booked two rooms there. We stayed for about a week in this hotel. I liked the outstanding facilities they offered. The first    thing was that the entire building is connected with Wi-Fi and I used the internet for free of costs. Besides, the food in the hotel’s was yummy. They offered varieties of traditional and other continental foods. But most often I ate our local food because I found it very interesting for me. The services I received from the professional staffs were remarkable. In fact at first, I was a bit nervous about the cost but when I arrived, all of my worries were   gone. I, in fact, liked staying at this hotel and wish to return again. I recommend this hotel to many people.

Follow ups

1.Do the ratings of people influence their choice?

Yes, the impact of online hotel reviews is on the rise. With more than two out of three global travellers now using travel review websites before making a booking, and 93% of those saying online reviews influence their booking decisions.

2. How do people reserve rooms?

There are two important methods of reservation of hotel room, first one is through internet. For instance, some individuals make reservation from the online websites like TRIVAGO and many more. Secondly, some masses prefer to book their hotel room by phone.

3. what influences people’s choice of hotels?

Price, facilities, brand image and recommendations all play a role when choosing a hotel. But the most important factor of all, not surprisingly, is still location. “Price” and “Past Experience” are the next most important factors in hotel selection.

4.What’s the difference between hotels in your country and hotels abroad?

I don’t think there is huge difference in hotels. Nowadays, there are hotels from chains like Taj, Marriot all over the world. The design  may vary depending upon the location for example beaches, hillsides etcetera. But as India has all these types of locations, nearly all types of hotels are available here.